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Remind Me There

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(Is there no "App" category?)

On my phone, I can schedule diary events, or I can set a reminder to do something in, say, thirty minutes.

But I would much appreciate an app, or a function in my existing calendar/scheduling app, whereby I could be reminded of something when I'm in a particular place.

For example, "Next time I'm in my car, remind me to get those papers out of the glovebox" or "Next time I'm in a supermarket, remind me to buy Worcester sauce".

Given the positional awareness of my phone, this should be implementable.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2013


       iPhones have been able to do this for years. A Google search indicates that Android phones have similar capability. The only thing I can see that's novel in this idea is that, as far as I know, you can only set your phone to remind you at a specific location like “Home” or at a given address, (i.e. any location that has defined GPS coordinates), and not “whenever I'm near a supermarket”.
ytk, Jul 30 2013

       Well baked. As mentioned, iOS has this built into the Reminders app. For Android there are apps such as Spoty and I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up in the next iteration of the OS.
tatterdemalion, Jul 30 2013

       // iOS has this built into the Reminders app//   

       //iPhones have been able to do this for years.//   

       Ah! Well, I'm diluted to be proven redundant. Now I'll go away and figure out how to use this feature.   

       [marked-for-deletion] - wkte
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2013

       Yes, setting a reminder according to a *type* of location would be useful, not only for the car (perhaps, as you suggest, based on Bluetoothness), but also generally. For example "Next time I'm near an off-licence, remind me to grab a bottle of wine."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2013

       Will your app correct your spelling, too?
worcestershire sauce
xandram, Jul 30 2013

       //spelling...worcestershire// *Ahem*. "Worcestershire" sauce is a mass-produced condiment, widely available to all and sundry. My current sauce-maker, however, lives very specifically in the town of Worcester (which is located in the county of Worcestershire).   

       //When's the *last* time you were in a supermarket?// I've been told that it helps one to connect with the masses if one affects to be part of the common herd. Come to think of it, they never told me _why_ one should connect with the masses, or indeed quite _who_ the masses are. Are you, by any chance, the masses? And if so, what's it like?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2013

       The masses are a bit like the hoi polloi, but generally less bathed. You haven't done any of this “connecting” yet, have you? If so, I recommend you place any clothing and personal effects you had on you at the time in an incinerator immediately (but do make certain the manor is upwind first).
ytk, Jul 30 2013

       Ah - I see. I always thought that the hoi polloi were by far the most interesting of the polloi - they have such quaint customs.   

       Oddly enough, the hoi polloi seem to regard me as "quaint" too. At least I think they said "quaint".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 30 2013

       Go to wall mart and look for the slow moving persons weighing over 300 pounds. These are the massive masses.
popbottle, Jul 30 2013

       Oddly enough, we have a Worcester, Massachusetts, but you wouldn't want the *sauce* they have there!!
xandram, Jul 31 2013

       yeah but what's up with the underscores [MB]?
Do you speak in underscores, too?
xandram, Jul 31 2013

       Underscores are proxies for italics, which do not seem implementable. At least that's what / use them for.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 31 2013

       The Lea and Perrins factory is still in Worcester, but given the size of it, it is obviously not their main base of manufacturing these days.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 01 2013

       <App Goes Off At The Doctor's Office: "...You Need a Colonoscopy...">   

       Yeeeaaahhhh.... Please remind me again WHY? My ass seems so contented now.   

       <App Starts Playing, "...Don't Worry, Be Happy...">   

       Don't give me that crap, App! It's gonna feel like Custer's Last Stand back there!   

       <App Flashes Evil Grin>
Grogster, Aug 01 2013

       <App Goes Off While Walking Across the Golden Gate Bridge, Playing The Song "Jump!">   

       You really don't like me, do you App?   

       <App Flashes Evil Grin>   

       Listen here, App!! I paid $3.99 for you! Why do you have to be such an asshole?   

       <App: "...I was worth $4.99...">
Grogster, Aug 01 2013

       Handy for minefields.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 01 2013


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