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Universal Calendar Converter
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Today is 1st January 2011 in the Gregorian calendar. It is, thanks to online tools, a trivial matter to find out what the date is in the Mayan, Islamic, Julian, Jewish, or Unix calendars.

However I want more! Old English, Iron Age Gaulish, Ancient Greek, Roman, Venusian, Chinese, and Tolkien Hobbit calendars to print out, please!

The BabelCal will not merely translate one day at a time from one calendrical system to another. Instead, it gives a visual presentation of the passage of time, as is usually found in a traditional wall calendar.

The screen shows one, two or more calendars, each togglable to different views: day, week (or equivalent), month (or equivalent), year (or equivalent), etc.

By default is shows the present day, but any other day can be selected by the user.

It integrates with your diary app to show your appointments.

The calendars shown can be customised, combined, or created anew, and you can export and import custom calendars to share with your friends. Do you want the Julian calendar starting on March 25th? Search to see if it is available online; if not, configure it yourself, upload, and there you go.

Standard calendars will include astronomical data, so that users can easily incorporate the various motions of the sun, moon or stars in their customised calendars.

The printout facility allows you to create custom printed calendars, using whichever schemes you wish in a variety of combinations.

pocmloc, Jan 01 2011

Online date converter http://www.fourmila...documents/calendar/
one date at a time [pocmloc, Jan 01 2011]

My Astrolabe http://myastrolabe.org/
real-time Astronomical data [pocmloc, Jan 01 2011]


       Thoroughly excellent; easy morning goods; bake it, write an app & Android widget
H K Boris, Jan 01 2011

       Coincidentally, i'm in the final stages of putting together a paper telescopic era Martian calendar (Darian Defrost) for the year CCXIV for sale.   

       Emacs does some of this, including the Gregorian, Mayan, Islamic, Julian Date, Hebrew, French revolutionary, Coptic, Chinese, Persian and Ethiopic and notoriously also phases of the Moon. Calendars can also be exported as LaTeX, it does Filofax and has diary functionality and you could add other functions via Emacs Lisp. In fact, an old school friend of mine wrote bits of Emacs, so this is on the very brink of being baked. I'd probably just have to email him.   

       However, right now it won't do extraterrestrial calendars, though fixing that would be fairly straightforward - presumably you could do it from the Unix epoch.   

       One thing though: how in the Universe can you possibly have a Venusian calendar? It has no meaningful day unless you mean the atmospheric circulation and its orbit is very close to circularity. You might as well just record time using astronomical coordinates there.
nineteenthly, Jan 01 2011

       //Venusian calendar [...] astronomical coordinates// Just use minutes. Decrementing.
lurch, Jan 03 2011

       or degrees.
FlyingToaster, Jan 03 2011


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