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Everything Calendar

A computer calendar that shows every known date
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It would be really cool to have on your computer a calendar that shows the date from every known calendar system, such as Gregorian, Chinese, Roman, Jewish, Islam, Incan, Aztec, etc.

It would be extra really cool if the Aztec Calendar showed up as that turning wheel sun thing.

Also it would show the sun, moon and planets, if you enter your geographic co-ordinates.

lawpoop, Aug 11 2003

Today's Date and Time http://www.ecben.net/calendar.shtml
Is this close? [cnoocy, Oct 04 2004]

Time http://entries.the5k.org/365/t.htm
A 2001 entry in the "5k" competition that's a step in the right direction [MrWrong, Oct 04 2004]


       Last night? That's so long ago I can't remember. Tonight? I never make plans that far ahead.
angel, Aug 11 2003

       I didn't mean this as a day planner or scheduling thingy. Just another time waster...   

       "Did you know today is 2 Rabbit in the Incan calendar?"
lawpoop, Aug 11 2003

       Stonehenge too?
Shz, Aug 11 2003

       nice one [lawpoop], my birthday's march 29th if that helps your compilation
neilp, Aug 11 2003

       Sorry, I don't know the Gregorian calendar that well. What is your birthday in Incan?
lawpoop, Aug 11 2003

       I think it's hunter-bird-fish or something. well. it was a nice sunny day anyway.
neilp, Aug 11 2003

       Yes, Stonehenge too.
lawpoop, Aug 11 2003

Shz, Aug 11 2003

       That link is very cool, but I imagined the desktop version to be graphical. Like often times these calendars have a graphical component. Ours is a grid; the Incans' is two spinning wheels.
lawpoop, Aug 12 2003


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