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Automatic Bonsai Candles

Crazy shapes without all the trimming.
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Walking into the room, it's dark. A single, large candle is mounted about eye level in the center of the room. The glow from the candle illuminates a beautifully intricate array of drippings -- most of which are not vertical.

As your eyes adjust to the light, it becomes apparent that this rather enormous candle is mounted on a fully gimbled device atop a tripod which is somehow controlled from an external source. In the next room, a monk sits quietly. Now and then, he nudges a computer mouse which tips the candle in a slightly different direction causing a new batch of drippings to begin forming between the candle and the floor.

zigness, Jun 24 2004

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       Casual use of a monk. Always worth a point. + Involve custard too next time.
macncheesy, Jun 24 2004

       oh I feel quite weird... wake me at 6.15 gmt. thank you!   

       its not automatic, you are using a monk, already voted - going to bed - feeling lazy - zzzzzzzzzzzzz
po, Jun 24 2004

       "In the next room, a monk sits quietly."
In the next room, a pirate parries.
In the next room, a ninja pounces stealthily.
In the next room, a cat sits in a box.
In the next room, a candle drips wax.
In the next room, a baker hits [ENTER].
In the next room, [po] lays down.
phoenix, Jun 24 2004

       // a cat sits in a box // dead or alive?
kbecker, Jun 24 2004

       Why the computer? Can't the monk control it with his thoughts? Chuh?
squeak, Jun 25 2004

       Have any of you ever done the trick with a tray of Molten Wax and a bucket. You can make the most funny shaped candles.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 25 2004

       Bucket shaped?   

       (...or is there water in the bucket?)
squeak, Jun 25 2004

       "dead or alive?"
Take a look, decide where the wax will land...
phoenix, Jun 25 2004

       Oh my God! I think the monk killed the cat! I said "No Peeking!".   

       But wow, what a cool candle.
zigness, Jun 25 2004

       Tarasu chouzou.
harderthanjesus, Jun 25 2004

       just make a wax sculpture!
not-arf, Jun 25 2004

       I have a simular object, but it has a super computer controlling it instead of a monk, it is cost effective, the monks are loosing their job security
downstroy, Jun 25 2004


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