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Automatic Breakdancing Machine

No more stealing hubcaps on moving cars to learn breakdancing.
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OK, picture this: You walk into a club where all the hot babes in skimpy dresses are fawning all over these bunch of steroid induced muscle-head guys. Preparing for this, you bring your automatic break dancing machine. It would look like a weightlifting belt underneath your shirt with a small inconspicous disc coming out your back. The disc would have exposed ball bearings for spinning. So back to the club, once the beats start a-pumping, you're spinning on your back with your arms folded impressing the heck out of the babes. Your next hard decision is deciding which sexual proposal to accept.

Perhaps this disc could come with a matching hat with ball bearings for the really impressive head-spinning. Now, I know what you guys are thinking: Everyone's going to have this, so I want mine motorized for the greatist amount of RPM. Alas, a small 12v motor could be built into the deluxe version. I suppose dance floors would have to be regulated so people with high RPM break dancers don't end up drilling themselves a few feet into the ground.

jalsak, Aug 09 2001


       Imagine doing this while on ecstacy. Mental!
Mayfly, Aug 10 2001

       It's true. Club chicks dig guys wearing strap-on ball-bearings.
The Military, Aug 10 2001

       Yeah, and it gives new meaning to the oft-heard phrase, "Show me your balls."
juliec2, Aug 10 2001

       [waugsqueke] yes people still breakdance. i have a couple of friends who started up a breakdancing school near where i live who are doing really really well. they pay for half their college tuition and have 4 classes a week. :)
xunshin, Aug 10 2001

       Do you still have to bring your own linoleum floor piece? Or does the club now provide one
bobzaguy, Aug 13 2001

       You appear to be assuming only guys breakdance
mack2, Jan 10 2004


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