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Automatic Flush Stopper

Stop that unwanted flush
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Have you ever sat down on a toilet with one of those automatic flushers only to find yourself jumping up mid pinch be cause the toilet decided to wash your butt?

Knowing this you may have tried to string up some toilet paper to cover the photoeye but some toilet engineer put the photoeye in the wall.

My invention stops that unwanted flush.

It consists of a small NdFeB magnet and a small mumetal holder ( makes it safe to take on planes and safe for your credit cards )

The magnet has a plastic lever mounted with a pin so it rotates in and out of the mumetal holder.

How to use it?

1. Flick the lever to expose the magnet. 2. Grab some toilet paper from the roll. 3. Place the toilet paper between the magnet and some metal above the Photo eye on the auto flusher. 4. Make sure the toiletpaper covers the photoeye. 5. Sit to your hearts content. 6. When done remove the magnet. 7. While washing hands wash magnet and flick lever back.

ed68wood, Jan 20 2006

Nihon no toirei http://www.asahi-ne...~AD8Y-HYS/movie.htm
I don't know why this site is in English... [notmarkflynn, Jan 23 2006]


       21's been here a fortnight - hee hee!   

       *I make stuff work* enviable statement!
po, Jan 20 2006

       who you calling tubby?   

       I was addressing ed68. have you a problem with that?
po, Jan 20 2006

       I suspect Mr Ed may have been sitting on a bidet. And more power to him, I say!
bungston, Jan 21 2006

       Given that most toilets are smarter than the average male, I'd say if the toilet decides its time to flush then just go with the flow.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 21 2006

       I keep a few feet of duct tape wrapped around a square of metal about the size of a credit card in my back pocket. This is one of dozens of situations in which it comes in handy.   

       Also, many toilet fixtures are PVC, aluminum, etc. Not good for magnets.
nick_n_uit, Jan 21 2006

       Easier solution: Do not sit on the toilet at all- either hold it in, or perform what I like to call an "air raid," which usually involves a handicap stall so you can use the handles.   

       Or use a Japanese toilet.
notmarkflynn, Jan 23 2006

       Thanks for all the comments.
ed68wood, Jan 31 2006

       Po 84 [209] Polonium is radio active and polonium rings can be found in granite which some have conclude could mean granite was instantaneously created. It could also mean when the earth was cooling and after even at possibly different times when the magnetic field was weak and solar output was intense, bismuth and or lead in granite was being bombarded by intense radiation causing them to decay into polonium. The polonium in turn naturally decays making the rings.   

       I don't know I wasn't there. Still it is fun to contemplate either scenario.
ed68wood, Jan 31 2006


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