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Automatic Picker-Stopper

A solution for all of those people who pick their nose as a habit
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Basically, this will help people who pick their nose habitually, without even realizing it. Plant a small electrode in the person's pointer finger, and one just inside each nostril. When the person begins picking their nose, they receive a small electric jolt, or a buzzer goes off, delivered by means of a small box they wear at their waist. By matter of simple conditioning, the person will learn to stop picking their nose. Problem solved!!!
guyonthecouch, Jun 29 2001


       what is wrong with picking your nose?
disarray, Jan 14 2003

       could we add a REALLY powerful electrode planted in the mouth?
eyeguy, Jan 27 2004

       You could just use Capsaicin hand soap.
DonBirnam, Jan 27 2004

       // Plant a small electrode in the person's pointer finger//   

       Aha! Gotcha there, I use my pinky.
phundug, Jan 27 2004

       Ahaha! I use my toes...
silverstormer, Jan 27 2004

       If people can't pick their noses, they won't be able to drive IMHO.
Klaatu, Jan 27 2004


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