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Nose snob screw

A small foam screw to push up your nose
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(+8, -2)
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What do you think of this:

Forget about picking your nose for boogers and use a nose-picking screw.

It would have to be motorised. Possibly be best suited as an attatchment to one of those AA hand-held fans.

The screw could be made of a soft(ish) foam screw, which could even be wetted for the dry hard ones.

Sounds disgusting, but I feel nose picking is a long neglected bodily function!

GarJE, Jul 09 2008

I think I've got it! http://tinyurl.com/nosepicker
[Jinbish, Jul 10 2008]

GarJE, at three? http://youtube.com/watch?v=GNg6BhntR6w
[Amos Kito, Jul 12 2008]


       Not neglected in this category. (I love the fact that the header category is 'science').   

       Presumably rotational speed would be quite slow?
Texticle, Jul 09 2008

       Also suitable for ear cleaning...
phoenix, Jul 09 2008

       You'll need two speeds: insertion and removal.
Voice, Jul 10 2008

       [Voice] maybe you would reverse for removal...
Cedar Park, Jul 10 2008

       It should be pedal-powered.
nineteenthly, Jul 10 2008

       I would buy one in a heart beat. Might I suggest that the foam screws be disposable, though?   

       Not that I care. I could just as easily wash and reuse, but if you want this to sell in the states, it's going to have to have a disposable head. It's all the rage right now ... that and being earth friendly ...
MikeD, Jul 10 2008

       What about those dangly ones? I suggest a vacuum head that continually sweeps the air from under the brush, you know to catch all that... you know... all those..   


       all that stu....   

       AHHhhh!! Gross! +
daseva, Jul 10 2008

       //but if you want this to sell in the states, it's going to have to have a disposable head.// hehe.
4whom, Jul 10 2008

       Disgusting and yet I want one. Or a pack of disposables.
Bad Jim, Jul 11 2008

       Think I should put a patent on this?   

       Am I looking at becoming the next Howard Hughes?   

       Instead of drilling for Oil, I'll make money from drilling for boogers.
GarJE, Jul 12 2008

       Some people think it's funny but...   

       2 bogies shy of a happy meal surely.
Ah Supp, Sep 30 2011

       Wait, this idea has nothing to do with automatically turning up your nose at people? I'm disappointed.
phundug, Sep 30 2011

       Will there be a left hand drive model?
Ah Supp, Oct 01 2011


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