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Booger Pickers Tool Kit

A four piece nasal maintenance kit
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Do you struggle with boogers? Do you have difficulty removing nasal mucus with those fat sausage fingers of yours? Your problems are no more thanks to The Booger Pickers Tool Kit.

The Booger Pickers Tool Kit is a four piece nasal maintenance kit containing everything you need to extricate even the most stubborn of boogers. Included in the kit are:

1. Nose Tweezers: Standard plastic tweezers with textured rubber pads fixed to the gripping surface of the tweezers.

2. Booger Grabber: Similar to a 4 prong pickup tool except the shaft and prongs are made from plastic.

3. Nose Squeegee: Guitar pick shaped plastic scraper attached (like a wheel on an axle) to a four inch plastic handle.

4. Nose Cleaner: A small expanding brush, (nylon bristles), mounted on a flexible handle capable of being threaded up the nose.

Stop fumbling with your fingers! Get the Booger Pickers Tool Kit and start enjoying precision booger removal today!

*All materials used are nose-friendly, hypo-allergenic and free from animal testing.*

MikeD, Feb 03 2009

Not a problem Bogey_20be_20gone
[coprocephalous, Feb 04 2009]

Ear spoooon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ear_spoon
[calum, Feb 04 2009]


       what, no USB-powered endoscope?
hippo, Feb 03 2009

       <probably too much information>Existing nasal hair trimmers get pretty close to this functionality.</ptmi>
pertinax, Feb 04 2009

       a Swiss Army Booger gadget can hold them all in one!
xandram, Feb 04 2009


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