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Automatic cup lid

sense tipping and RAISE a lid when it happens
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I sometimes drink straight from my coffee pot. My coffee pot has a relatively wide top and dust sometimes falls in. This bothers me, so when drinking from it I frequently leave the lid down except when I'm not taking a sip.

The idea is a coffee cup with a lid that opens automatically when someone picks it up and closes again when the cup is put down. It can retain heat better and be as comfortable to drink from as a cup without a lid.

Voice, Nov 14 2015


       [+] <lifts a cuppa> cheers.
FlyingToaster, Nov 14 2015

       Very simple to implement mechanically, therefore not HalfBaked ... [/]   

       Ideally, the system should be powered by a Seebeck-effect solid state generator harvesting energy from the hot coffee, charging a lithium ion battery, which powers a GPS system (or a laser rangefinder) which triggers the lid operating servo.   

       Bun withheld pending massive and pointless increase in complexity of device.
8th of 7, Nov 14 2015

       A steampunk coffee mug which gears actually do something. The first few sips, the lid would have to be opened manually (since the beverage is at the top, there's no room to tilt without spilling).
FlyingToaster, Nov 14 2015

       Long whiskers on the cup detect the proximity of face, and trigger clockwork lid-opening mechanism.
pocmloc, Nov 14 2015

       // clockwork //   

       Bear-trap spring ...
8th of 7, Nov 14 2015

       "increase in complexity of device" --what? You are slipping, [8th]. Where was mention of increase in danger?
Vernon, Nov 15 2015

       We're saving that one for later.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2015

       Link the lid via a reduction gear to a nicely weighted pendulum on the side of the mug. Then tipping it only a few degrees would open the lid fully, no power needed.
mitxela, Nov 15 2015

       One word...STRAW....
blissmiss, Nov 15 2015


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