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Dishwasher dirt map

A one use group of sheets and rods you put in the dishwasher to find the sweet spot cleaning areas
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You have a dishwasher, and perhaps you wonder how clean the dishes actually get, and where the cleaner cleaning spots are. Just put these big square warm-water reactive things in the guides, and surface reactive rods in the silverware tray, then find out which areas get cleaner.

Mostly i just think a 3d map of a dishwashers process would be cool, but i suppose it could have some use for the fussy as well.

beanangel, Oct 10 2017


       Or spray the inside of your dishwasher with a poor-quality paint, and see which areas peel.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 10 2017

       What were you eating. You got a dirty plate, didn't you. Cheap detergents, drunken rinsing may be a problem.   

       Because of the primary function, fluid flows in a dishwasher should be well known. Maybe a camera that looks at the plate and lights some LEDs to show where it's best placed.   

       Then again, nobody wants to be told how to wash .. their plate.
wjt, Oct 11 2017


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