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Egg-Coloring Eggcup

Prism-encircled cup gives spectrum shell
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Open your sleepy eyes to a rainbow-splashed, boiled egg. As the morning sun warms your face, its beam is also separated by the circular prism, displaying a broad beam of colorful beauty to add zest to your breakfast!

Looking like a miniature, wide-based, pet bowl on a round mirror, this novelty product will capture the sun’s rays from almost any angle, where they are bounced up through the ring-shaped, Plexiglas prism to garnish the egg’s white shell or albumen.

FarmerJohn, Mar 06 2003

Psychedelic Birthday Morning Greeting http://www.halfbake...0Morning_20Greeting
"Create a psychedelically colorful setting to wake up to." [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Cut glass candlesticks abound, with prisms galore. I would be very surprised if you could not find prismatic cut glass egg cups.
DrCurry, Mar 06 2003

       Yeah, didn't we do a 'good morning prism' something or another somewhere around here?
phoenix, Mar 06 2003

       Could you do it in a way that would light the egg with equal brightness on all sides of the egg?
beauxeault, Mar 06 2003

       It would probably need complex, obtrusive mirroring.
FarmerJohn, Mar 06 2003

       "Open your sleepy eyes to a rainbow-splashed, boiled egg."
phoenix, Mar 06 2003


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