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Burrito bases

Socket that burrito to prevent sploosh and drip.
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Like edible tape (or edible stickynotes) a burrito holder holds a burrito or mu-shu pork roll together. This is a dish, though, a hollow rounded rectangle a few inches high with a heavy base. Not only does it keep overstuffed burritos from dripping, but it avoids the use of disposable wrappings that hold the burrito together - in my small corner of TWIAVBP, the tinfoil of Taco Del Mar and the plastic wrap of Essential Foods.

Height is, or was fifteen minutes ago, very stylish "plating". A vertical burrito would be tall food in the saddle. Holders can be modernist steel, or heavy terracotta for Southwestern restaurants, or made of plastic to match the GoCups as advertising for tourist traps.

hello_c, Feb 28 2001


       Wouldn't this ruin the whole experience? The silky feel of the flour tortilla... the give of the nutritious paste enrobed within...
PotatoStew, Feb 28 2001

       Tortillas aren't particularly structural, especially when soaked with grease or tomato juices, etc...I think it'd just lead to a Leaning Tower effect, followed by a slow motion 'splat'...Besides, all the good stuff would sink to the bottom, leaving the top end soggy and forlorn...
StarChaser, Feb 28 2001

       have a THICK rubber or plastic mat ,such as a mouse mat,put the burrito on it,then roll it and slide the burrito out of the tube
technobadger, Feb 28 2001

       why not just make the tortillas much longer in one dimension to provide extra dough for back-end rollup?   

       Or, better yet, try not eating them vertically.
absterge, Feb 28 2001


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