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Automatically Rotating Fire Seat

No more smoke in the eyes!
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A fire pit, not quite completely encircled by a C-shaped bench which runs on circular rails, so as to rotate freely around the fire.

A large weathervane sits atop the whole assembly, attached to the bench by stout poles, so that as the wind changes direction, the bench rotates, and nobody has to get up and move out of the path of the smoke.

Wrongfellow, Apr 22 2012

Condensed Milk http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Condensed_milk
It turns to baker's caramel if you heat it for about 20 minutes by boiling the unopened can in water. [UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012]


       //not quite completely encircled// You do realise that convection causes the hot air to rise, drawing in cold air though the gap, and so spreading smoke in every direction except the gap?
pocmloc, Apr 22 2012

       I thought the gap was just to allow access to deliver more firewood rather than redirecting airflow - although that would mean forcing your way directly through the thickest smoke.
AusCan531, Apr 22 2012

       The idea is that the gap corresponds to the bit of ground that nobody wants to sit on because the smoke's blowing that way.   

       I wasn't thinking of it being particularly high off the ground - the main obstacle to the airflow would be the people sat on it.
Wrongfellow, Apr 22 2012

       A La-z-boy invention for cavemen. I like it.
ldischler, Apr 22 2012

       I liked this one because it made me laugh; it's one of those that's such an expensive and complex solution to such a stupid, trivial problem
EdwinBakery, Apr 23 2012

       [Idschler], I believe that would be a La-z Susan, not boy. But I say that with all due respect.
blissmiss, Apr 23 2012

       [+] Flames …
8th of 7, Apr 24 2012

       <Surreptitiously tosses a half dozen cans of condensed milk into firepit and saunters off, to watch for explosions from a safe distance.>
UnaBubba, Apr 24 2012

       Condensed milk or milk powder?
AusCan531, Apr 25 2012

       I don't think powder would do much.
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2012

       Actually, powdered milk burns like merry hell. I assumed that was what [UB] meant.
Alterother, Apr 25 2012

       Nah, 'cause they condense all that milk into a little can, so when it expands to it's original volume it goes 'boom!'.
spidermother, Apr 25 2012

       Powdered milk burns like dairy hell. COW-BLOOM!
AusCan531, Apr 25 2012

       Condensed milk is milk solids and sugar, in a syrup. <link>   

       When the can overheats it explodes and sprays everywhere. It also sticks like napalm.   

       Powdered milk, like flour, is explosive if you disperse it in air and ignite it.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012

       You are correct. Cornflour is best.
8th of 7, Apr 25 2012

       // When the can overheats it explodes and sprays everywhere.//
It is quite difficult to get one to burst though - over an hour in boiling water is easily withstood. (toffee ice-cream..mmmm)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 25 2012

       Well, you'll never burst one in boiling water, but they'll certainly burst on a fire. Also, see Mythbusters for what happens when you drop tinned goods into boiling oil. Very, very scary.
spidermother, Apr 25 2012

       That's why I suggested tossing them into the fire, [spider]. We accidentally let two boil dry in a billycan over a campfire, when I was in Scouts, in the 70s. We came back to a camp that was festooned in burnt toffee.
UnaBubba, Apr 25 2012


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