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Chair on a rope

Smooth motion office chair
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I love getting from one side of my office (ok, my cubicle) to the other. This is because I have a chair on rollers and a hard surface to roll them on. It's fun and efficient to kick off in a way that spins my chair as I turn, landing at my desired location in a flash.

But it's not fun enough. I think if my chair was mounted instead from the ceiling on a rope, I'd be able to swing to the other desk faster and in a more precarious manner.

This can be accomplished in one of many ways. If you have a high enough ceiling, then just attach the rope to the middle, and accept a bit of up-and-down motion during the swing.

If you have low ceilings, then unless you want to lift your feet every time you want to move we'll need to find a better answer. I propose a mounting point that can move around above your office. This point would be controlled by motors, and would sense when the angle of the rope changes. This will also remove the constant bracing you'd have to do with your feet to keep from swinging.

Worldgineer, Jun 26 2006


       Thirty years ago this was state of the art roach clip technology, minus the motors. Ah, the joy of prototyping.
normzone, Jun 26 2006

       I envy your castors. I wonder if anyone has played desk chair polo in a large flat conference hall?
bungston, Jun 26 2006

       I will add it to my list of life goals.
Worldgineer, Jun 26 2006

       Yes, but you'll soon crave bigger and bigger thrills. Where will it all end?
7ennyn, Jun 26 2006

       /Where will it all end?/ - He will carom off the desk and wind up out in the Hall.
bungston, Jun 26 2006

       how many cubicalites are there? +
xenzag, Jun 26 2006

       I was thinking about that. If done well*, you could create a system that isn't limited to your cube. Push off down the hall, bouncing off corners, and press the "hoist" button to hop over the copy machine.   

       * I'm thinking of an electromagnet, hovering a fraction of a millimeter under a metal ceiling, restrained by powered wheels from making it the last bit up (kind of like a 2-dimensional maglev train in reverse). You'd perhaps need a metal brush to make contact with the ceiling, and some other wire to complete the circuit (a motorized runner high up on the wall?).   

       Ok, maybe I've gone too far.
Worldgineer, Jun 26 2006


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