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car vacuum

Automatically cleans your car/suv/mini-van while its parked
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I have a young child quickly approaching toddler and a dog who goes almost everywhere with us. This makes for a very messy car, mostly hair and crumbs. My idea is to take a small super powerful vacuum and place it in the trunk or a convenient spot. This super powerful vacuum (SPV) would have the intake ducts routed under the car and come through the interior at very discrete locations. These intake openings a.k.a. Super Suction Ports (SSP) would be everywhere needed throughout the vehicle. Such as the floor board beneath the seats and wherever debris collects in every car. There could even be a small SSP in the ashtray. The vacuum would deposit into a collection box that can be dumped after brief inspection for valuables. This SPV would have a timer function so it would turn on after you shut the vehicle door and then it would shut off after the set time. Leaving your car free of hair and crumbs.
krod, Mar 01 2004


       [Admin: renamed from 'car vaccuum' to 'car vacuum']
st3f, Mar 01 2004

       Listening to the howling of the dog, trying to free nose from SSP while waiting for owner to return from the store (+)
normzone, Mar 01 2004

       life is too baked to be balling around..
sweet, Mar 01 2004

       I'm not sure it would automatically clean your car as indicated (shirley you've tried to get dog hair off fabric seats - it's not easy). However, I really like the central vacuum model. It should be easy to belt a fairly powerful vacuum up to the engine in a similar manner as air conditioning. Start your car, flip a switch, and attach a cleaning tube to one of the SSP's.
Worldgineer, Mar 01 2004

       I would love to be able to stuff my hamburger wrappers between the seat cushions, knowing it will go to a 'better place' [+]
1st2know, Mar 01 2004

       [Worldgineer] If i had a SPV vacuuming out the pet hair would be easy, all the vacuums I have seen are a meer 12 amps. The SPV would be several times more than that.
krod, Mar 02 2004

       (a pet peeve: the implied effectiveness of hoovers/vacuum cleaners based upon their ampere rating. by that logic a huge light bulb would do a fantastic job cleaning your carpets. just think what you could do with a dead short.)
xx, Mar 02 2004

       ([Worldgineer] starts looking for vacuum cleaners measured in kilopascals)
Worldgineer, Mar 02 2004

       Alternatively, this might lead to a well-sealed auto having a lack of atmosphere inside. Best to include some pressure suits for emergencies when the vacuum won't turn off and the electric windows / door locks are malfunctioning.
normzone, Mar 02 2004

       Inside the car vacuum no one can hear you scream.
Worldgineer, Mar 02 2004

       [Woldgineer] maybe thats a good thing, instead of the shower I sing horrible loud and tone deaf in the privacy of my car.   

       [XX} "effectiveness of hoovers/vacuum cleaners... " dont be peeved by hoovers I hear they suck.
krod, Mar 03 2004

       Quite witty... how's that workin out for you?
phoenix706, Mar 04 2004

       xx could be power rating, in Watts which if my memory serves is power=current x voltage,   

       As for a really well sealed car they don't exist to well sealed and you can't close the doors without opening a window.
engineer1, Mar 05 2004


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