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Car robot cleaner

No one will steel your car with a knife weilding maid bot inside
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We have all seen those new household cleaning robots, so why dont we have one for our cars. The robot would be uploaded the interior plan of the car and be small enough to tuck under seats. It would not have wheels but rely of on several small feet to move about. It would be a multi tool robot. With suction cups on the feet so it can climb up and clean glass. A vacum, spray bottle, and a can of scented air freshener would all be built into this compact bot. It would essentially be free roaming inside the car and when it needs more power it would return to the cars cigarrette lighter for recharging. When its done it would return to its nest under the dash hidden and out of sight. It could be programmed to clean in stages lets say the drivers side 3 times a week the passenger side once a week and the whole car every other week. Oh yeah to go along with the summary, it would also have a knife or electricution device of some sort so it could defend your car.
10clock, May 02 2005


       //We have all seen those new household cleaning robots// I haven't, do you have a link?
37PiecesOf Flair, May 03 2005

       //We have all seen those new household cleaning robots//   

       Only on 'The Jetsons'.
Emi-chan, May 03 2005

       Confused by the sudden appearance of a knife-wielding maid in my neighbour's car. Wondering why he's into that sort of thing.   

       Seriously though, a small cleaner bot might work well in a car - the internal layout of a car is well-defined and tends to stay pretty constant. Also, it's full of little corners that are hard to clean. Not sure quite how doable this is, but [+] because it seems a good application of the technology.
david_scothern, May 03 2005

       You all have never seen, robot vacums?. We landed on the moon you know. Or should i post a link .
10clock, May 06 2005


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