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Autonomous PeterSealy Machine

Cut that long wait for the first annotation...
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This would be an intelligent web agent that would, at regular time intervals, randomly select 95% of all new ideas and pronounce them "probably baked". A statistical NL generator could be used to create the snappy one-liners that complete the annotations!
A more advanced version of the agent could be programmed to do a brief IR analysis of the text and use this as the basis for gathering and reporting flimsy evidence for the "bakedness" of ideas from search engines such as Google.
macm, Feb 09 2001


       the idea of using Infra Red analysis of text on a screen in order to gather evidence for *anything* is, i am sure, not the least bit baked.
gnormal, Feb 09 2001

       IR stands for Information Retrieval. hth.
macm, Feb 09 2001

       What does hth stand for?
pnewp, Feb 09 2001

iuvare, Feb 09 2001

       Hard-boiled Tangerine Hamburgers.
macm, Feb 09 2001

       That sounds like a completely separate idea...
PotatoStew, Feb 09 2001

       Nah. Some of the truly awful ideas that sometimes (though not often) get posted, should just be left to rot in glorious solitude.

...and I was surprised that the PeterSealy machine pronounced this one as baked as I had assumed that it was just a device that jutta used to make the half-bakery look busy, and therefore did not qualify as autonomous.
DrBob, Feb 09 2001

       The idea that anything should be automatically analyzed sucks. Now, consider that this opinion comes from an acronymically challenged individual who just today guessed that a listed apartment with CAH was an unfurnished flat with closets and hangers.
reensure, Feb 09 2001

egnor, Feb 10 2001

       Since no one has bothered to say it yet, I'd just like to mention that I appreciate PeterSealy's ubiquitous annotations. He's a true devotee to the Halfbakery!   

       Now, if only I could have his job (whatever that may be -- apparently it doesn't take much TIME!) ;-)
danrue, Feb 14 2001

       Is this some odd variant on "resumes for people who don't want the job"? It would have to be called "Resumes for people who don't know what job they're applying for."   

       That could be quite challenging - I mean, what sort of qualifications and experience would you put down, given that the job could be anything?   

       You could either go for the approach of the broader and more vague the description the better, or a sort of scatter shot approach where you list as much as you possibly can in a completely random order - after all, you never know what might be important. For instance "Qualifications: Mark has a joint honours degree, BAGA 4 certification, 3 'A' levels, 1 cub scout badge, an MCSE, has had several letters published in 'Your Sinclair' magazine, 9 GCSEs, passed his cycling proficiency test first time, and once met Brian Jacks."
mark_t, Feb 21 2001

       wait...so PeterSealy isn't an algorithm?
nick_n_uit, Feb 24 2001


       (what I mean is, macm critique generates some snappy backchat)
iain2, May 02 2001

       Irony... is like silvery and goldy, but made of iron.
iain2 has just created a new literary device, made from boron.
macm, May 02 2001


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