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Away Fan Season Ticket

Support the away team
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I happen to live a good distance away from my chosen team (Edinburgh to Everton), and so it is not practical for me to have a season ticket.
If I wanted to see decent quality football on a regular basis, I would probably need to travel down to St James' Park in Newcastle.
However, here lies the problem, I have a severe dislike for them, and after Liverpool and Man U, they are the team, above all others, I want to see fail.
If I could buy an Away Fan season ticket to sit with the travelling fans every other weekend, I could cheer on their miserable failure without risking life and limb in with the home support.
Of course, for other people, different teams may apply, but the idea remains the same.
MikeOliver, Aug 12 2007


       Go Chargers - I'll take two.
normzone, Aug 12 2007

       Whatever you think of American Football, this idea is a testament to the civility of its fans. We don't have to separate the away supporters from the home supporters outside of Oakland. And everyone hates the Raiders because of it.
globaltourniquet, Aug 12 2007

       What's wrong with Tynecastle or Easter Road? (I know, what's *right* with them!?)
Jinbish, Aug 12 2007

       well now eagles fans have been known to break a nose or two, but I can not recall there ever having been an all out riot during an NFL game any time in memory.
jhomrighaus, Aug 12 2007

       there's eagles (NFL) fan folklore about an incident where two eagles fans were urinating in the giant trough at veterans stadium back in the day and some little kid came in with a cowboy's jersey on, so they turned around and peed on him. plus, the eagles fans did pelt santa claus with snowballs. so maybe not full blown riotous, but disturbingly dedicated nonetheless. having said that, I'd pay for an away team season pass to see them here in new orleans in an instant.[+]
frosto, Aug 12 2007

       Suits me, means I can go to the Emirates without feeling like a total scumbag. [+]
theleopard, Aug 13 2007

       I think the Eagles thing really only applies to the Cowboys, doesn't it? Seems that way anyhow.   

       Pretty good idea. I could see widespread adoption in U.S. collegiate sports where the fans are already segregated.
Noexit, Aug 14 2007

       In college sports, only the student fans are separated (along with a few old dudes who can't leave their best years behind them).   

       They have student cheering sections, but if I go to a UCLA game with my family, just because, we sit wherever, and there's always a mix.   

       Maybe it's different back east.
globaltourniquet, Aug 14 2007


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