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Bocce Soccer

You may not directly contact the soccer ball
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In this variant of soccer, there are many balls on the field, all the same size and flexibility, but only one of them is the actual white soccer ball. The other balls, one per person*, are given either of two different dark colors (one color for each team) with numbers on them (like billiard balls), the same numbers as on the shirts of the players.

A player may manipulate his or her own ball in any manner desired, but may not directly/offensively act upon any other player's ball**. Deflections of oncoming player balls are allowed, when they happen to be on a collision course with the players. The player must AVOID any contact with the actual soccer ball (might be sent temporarily to a hockey-like penalty box). Basically, the players strive to use their personal balls to knock the actual soccer ball into a goal.

Whenever the soccer ball ends up out-of-bounds, a referee throws it toward the center of the soccer field, fair game for getting knocked by any player's ball. Any player ball that goes out-of- bounds is brought to the edge of the field, where the player must retrieve it personally.

*The goalie is restricted to the goal zone area, but has access to a container full of goalie-balls (marked with letter "G"). The goalie may only handle one of those balls at a time, and of course tries to use the ball to deflect any oncoming soccer ball.

**Goalie balls located outside the goal zone may be pushed by any player directly back into the goalie zone, so the goalie can re- use them, still one-at-a-time only, or pushed out-of-bounds (where they are collected by non-players and returned to the goalie's ball- container). A limit of loose goalie-balls, in the goal zone, may need to be specified, to prevent forming a kind of wall against an incoming soccer ball. To prevent that limit from being reached, the goalie would be required to take time to return a ball to the ball-container. That should be fairly easy when the soccer ball is at the other end of the field.

I think that covers enough of the basics, that an actual game could now be played.

Vernon, Jul 06 2015


       Note that a good player will manage to make his or her personal ball bounce off the actual soccer ball such that the bounce returns the personal ball toward the player.
Vernon, Jul 06 2015

       When you say "soccer" do you actually mean football?
xenzag, Jul 06 2015

       [xenzag], I thought about that when writing this, but think about it --in this game the foot is NOT allowed to hit the soccer ball! Meanwhile, both hands and feet can be used to manipulate personal balls. Thus "soccer" would actually be a superior name than 'football".
Vernon, Jul 06 2015

       I'm missing something here, unless it's actually supposed to be 10 people running around throwing projectiles at each other.
FlyingToaster, Jul 06 2015

       [FlyingToaster], the projectiles are very much like ordinary soccer balls in their behavior. Getting hit by one is not dangerous. And when a player throws his personal ball at another player, he is not throwing it at the actual soccer ball, trying to score a goal with that ball. So, your description seems to be missing the point.
Vernon, Jul 06 2015

       //A player may manipulate his or her own ball in any manner desired, but may not offensively act upon any other ball// Fnar fnar.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 06 2015

       [MaxwellBuchanan], it is possible that what you quoted could have been better-phrased. The idea is that players are not allowed to directly mess with other players' balls. It would make sense to allow you to use your ball to change the course of some other player's ball, but that is an indirect messing, not a direct messing. And of course you need to indirectly mess with the actual soccer ball. I've tweaked the main text a trifle.
Vernon, Jul 06 2015

       This is pretty neat, but I think it would get rather messy with "ball per player". Maybe 2 or 3 balls per team, passed and dribbled as per normal soccer, but still only using the "team" balls to contact the "game" ball. Goalie would still have a supply, perhaps only 6 or so (so would need to retrieve as often as possible). Otherwise there would be balls all over the place!
(Hmm, balls all over the place... Ball-pit soccer, anyone?)
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 06 2015


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