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Bolo Soccer

Like regular soccer, only with a large soft bolo
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In case you don't know, a "bolo" is a weapon made from three steel balls that are each attached to a rope, and the other ends of each of the three ropes are knotted together at one place. When thrown, even if one of the balls misses the target, probably the rope won't, and so the balls end up wrapping around the target and significantly decreases its mobility.

Now imagine a bolo made of three soccer balls.

Now play soccer using it!

Vernon, Aug 01 2011

I'm not kicking this dude about http://armyjudoka.f..._2disc_r1_pic41.jpg
[calum, Aug 02 2011]


       (COMING SOON, to a sport near you: BaseBolo, SoftBolo, Bolo Hockey, FootBolo/RugBolo, Bolo Tennis, BasketBolo, Water Bolo, Bolo Golf, Bolo Polo, Volley Bolo, and Bolo Ping Pong.)
Vernon, Aug 01 2011

xenzag, Aug 01 2011

       Bola-Bowling would be a little to easy.
MechE, Aug 01 2011

blissmiss, Aug 01 2011

       Was hoping for a game with one team having an inflated pig's bladder (Manchester United, hopefully), and the other team equipped with Mauser 1921-pattern machine pistols.
Deeply disappointed.

(I've heard of them called "bolas", but never "bolo")
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 01 2011

       They are called bolas. A bolo is a form of machete. Incorporating either into soccer, baseball, basketball, or any equally dull and boring game would make them far more entertaining. If using the machete, however, I suggest there be only one; the opposing teams must vie for control of it as well as the ball.   


       Out of ill-advised interest rather than need, I constructed my own bola and occasionally take it out with me when I go rabbit hunting. I have yet to get it anywhere near my target, but at least I haven't hurt myself with it in a while.
Alterother, Aug 01 2011

       // How would you kick 3 balls at once //   

       Very carefully?
Alterother, Aug 01 2011

       Nonono; each player should have two machetes, one in each hand.
pocmloc, Aug 01 2011

       Advantage: bolas. Skilled throwers would quickly be supplementing thier armament with their now- incapacitated opponents' bolos.
Alterother, Aug 01 2011

       What everyone else has said about bolo knives.   

       Plus, soccer is traditionally FOOTball. Bolas are a hand-thrown weapon. How do we get from hand-thrown to no-hands-allowed, in any coherent fashion?   

       I also object to bolas being called a weapon. They are generally non-lethal, used for capturing animals (the gauchos may kill the animal, but the bolas usually don't).
baconbrain, Aug 01 2011

       Isn't the point of a bola that it gets tangled around its target? Receiving a pass would be easier than in the conventional game, but passing onwards to another player would be very difficult. Might work for *American* football, though, where there's normally a single pass per play.   

       Yes, definitely American football: include multiple bolas in the game, in addition to the regular ball, and "long-distance tackling" would be possible.
mouseposture, Aug 02 2011

       Bolus soccer could be fun.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 02 2011

       "Can someone here sign for a shipment of Boas? No?!? Just great. Now can someone please help me get all of these snakes back on this plane?"
RayfordSteele, Aug 02 2011


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