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Better soccer player

Musical communication for enhancing and inducing a player's experience
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There are three parts to this:

1. Stereo. The player learns to understand the signals with the music, telling where the enemy is and where to look for your friends. While running towards the goal when your mate on the left raises there hand and calls out you get a "notification" sound with direction and speed to possibly pass ball on ground or in air. After a while the players just "understand" and get it.

2. Rhythm. When a certain speed is needed the customized and personal Soccer Enhancement Device gives you the rhythm and crescendo buildup needed for getting there b4 the enemy.

3. Identification and warning. The SED has a warning system that will stop you from standing offside etc.

Meanwhile, if it is too complicated, let's have a game of human super-players against soccer robots. It worked with chess in the 80s, why not now with soccer?

pashute, Apr 12 2024


       If you started with a well-known orchestral piece, you could keep the music recognisable as music while still having a lot of variables to use for signalling.   

       So, you might hear the scherzo from Beethoven's 9th, but be alerted to ... something ... by a swanee whistle taking over the part of the second clarinet, and the whole thing starting to run at double speed.
pertinax, Apr 13 2024


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