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Babs and Ben

Hick Barbie and Ken
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White trash equivalent of Barbie and Ken - Accessorized and anatomized to HB specifications...
thumbwax, Aug 11 2001

Trailer Park Barbie http://www.trailerparkbarbie.com/
Some kind of musical outfit [hippo, Aug 11 2001]

White Trash Barbie http://member.aol.c...itetrashbarbie.html
The "White Trash Barbie" description [hippo, Aug 11 2001]


       Her: bleached blond streaked hair, couple of tattoos, Daisy Dukes with more than ample "saddle bags" hanging out, halter top, flip-flops, and 6 kids hanging off of her all by different men (none of which were Ben).   

       Him: blue Wrangles with holes in them, "wife-beater" shirt, Dunlap disease very evident, chain from front belt loop to wallet in back pocket, black "motorcycle" boots, hair short in front but 4 inches past neck in back, 3 days growth of beard, holding unemployment card in one hand and a Milwaukee's Best in the other.   

       Me: bumper sticker that reads "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed" (not that it does any good in this area)
Susen, Aug 12 2001

       Accessories: Babs and Ben's Dream Trailer Park
Sparki, Aug 12 2001

       My, aren't we a bunch of elitists?   

       However, having spent four years in Susen's neck of the woods, I have to concede that we (me and Susen, at least, probably anyone else literate enough to log into the Halfbakery) have good reason to be elitist.
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 13 2001

       Need to have a TrashTV studio playset, so Babs and Ben can go on TV to talk about how Babs slept with Ben's 7 brothers and 2 fathers, and how Ben slept with Babs' sisters and half-brother.   

       Gotta have both missing several teeth.   

       Babs drives a 1983 Ford Escort, with the plastic spare tire permanently on the right front wheel.   

       Accessory pack includes: tattoos (marijuana leaves, dixie flags, elvis, and female body parts prominently featured), crack pipe, picnic pack (styrofoam cooler, Keystone beer, fried pork rinds), assorted small children and other pets, and a National Enquirer subscription.
quarterbaker, Aug 13 2001

       Mephista: No chain. Rednecks never chain their dawgs.
StarChaser, Aug 13 2001

       ah susen, you've discovered the joy of the mullet
ciccia, Aug 15 2001

       but what's dunlap disease?
ciccia, Aug 15 2001

       Dunlap disease: When your gut "dun lapped" over your belt-buckle.
The Military, Aug 16 2001

       Very good [TM]! [ciccia] it's a common disease due to excessive consumption of beer and junk food. It's really gross....
Susen, Aug 16 2001

       Accessory: Broken-down old couch to go on the front porch or outside trailer home (I didn't live in the US very long, but even houses in nice parts of Silicon Valley have the broken-down old couch on the porch!). Also, see links.
hippo, Aug 16 2001

       While my own apple-knocker roots run deep into the foothills of Appalachia, I have completely warmed to this idea for its intrinsic nostalgia value.
The Military, Aug 16 2001


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