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Baby breast milk that makes babies easier to raise plus happier

Baby breast milk that makes babies easier to raise plus happier is certainly plausible with things like DHA food oil Think on the idea of breast milk naturally produced that has more casien as a result of moms diet Fewer poops might go with happier baby as well as fresher mom that changes fewer diapers
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Baby breast milk that makes babies easier to raise plus happier is certainly plausible with things like DHA added to the mothers food DHA as a food oil goes with higher measured IQ DHA Prenatal supplements suggest that moms that use DHA food oil will have cleverer babies Thus Think on the idea of breast milk naturally produced that has more casien also known as glue protein as a result of moms diet being casien rich Fewer poops might go with happier baby as well as a fresher mom that changes fewer diapers

This idea goes with the Dalai Lamas thought that parent baby behavior is the basis of compassion; half as many diaper changes or fussabouts might thus be particularly beneficially guidant to habits of tranquility

Usians actually have popular Organic Milk with supplemental DHA More casien is certainly plausible

Baby foods that are pooping minimized yet physiologically advantaged are a new beneficial category of babyfood

beanangel, Dec 23 2008

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       How is advocating the ingestion of an essential nutrient by breastfeeding mothers an idea?
GutPunchLullabies, Dec 23 2008

       [Beanangel]: like a box of frogs, only madder.
wagster, Dec 23 2008

       I see a number of problems here:
IQ is a bit of a bogus concept that i don't want to go into because it would take up the whole of this anno.
Yes, eating food high in DHA is a good idea anyway.
A happy baby is a deluded baby, as happiness is a mental illness.
Human milk is low in caesin because of babies' slow growth rate and increasing it would probably cause immune system problems. Anecdotally (can't quote chapter and verse), antigens carry through into milk from the diet.
Pooping is good. The colon needs the exercise and the gut flora need food. There could be vitamin K deficiency if this happens, resulting in haemorrhaging.
The offspring didn't end up wearing that many nappies in the first place.
nineteenthly, Dec 23 2008

       Breast milk is pretty close to the perfect food for babies as it is. HIgher casein milk might work well for baby goats or baby cows but it's not best for baby humans.   

       The DHA thing is interesting but it's hardly a new idea - supplementation has been suggested by various researchers, although it isn't yet entirely clear whether the benefits are actually due to the supplementation or other factors. Anyway, DHA supplements make me itch.   

       Babies are babies. They poo, they cry, they don't always sleep. You've just got to go with it - they're mostly doing it for a reason and not just to piss you off.
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       Gin.<be> Keeps mother and tot blissful for the whole day. Them Victorians knew a thing or too I tell ya!
gnomethang, Dec 23 2008

       Do I drink the gin myself or give it straight to the baby?
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       Nineteenthly: there is certainly evidence that proteins escape the gut and that the wrong ones might be responsible for allergies in later life - it's called the 'leaky gut' theory and is one of the possible explanations for the increased asthma/ezcema/digestion problems seen in babies who are given solids too early ie before the gut matures.
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       there's something about the combination of breast milk and culture that makes me shudder.
po, Dec 23 2008

       Gin to the baby and add tonic to yours. The order is your choice..
gnomethang, Dec 23 2008

       She prefers hers with lime and a good quantity of ice. In a beaker, naturally.
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       Thanks [hazel], i was aware of that explanation but i can´t back it up with citations. Incidentally, haven´t you been gone for several years or is that my imagination?
nineteenthly, Dec 23 2008

       [nineteenthly] I have been a bit quiet for a while, though have done some vicarious 'baking through [jonthegeologist]. Then today I just wondered what was going on at the 'bakery and here I am! It's good to be back.
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       And you are immediately faced with an idea about poop. Go figure. ;-)
blissmiss, Dec 23 2008

       //some vicarious 'baking through [jonthegeologist//
Buns in the oven?
coprocephalous, Dec 23 2008

       Bliss, poop has been a fairly significant part of my life for the last 11 months. Well, it's always been quite important to me, but now the precise colour, consistency and odour of someone else's is a matter of considerable interest. And breastmilk also features quite highly ;-)
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       It's very much out now [coprocephalous], though admittedly with the amount of cake I have to eat to sustain it, it can be hard to tell.
hazel, Dec 23 2008

       Oh yay. Another new baby baker!
blissmiss, Dec 23 2008


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