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Baby delivery by stork

gestate babies and deliver them
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Surrogacy is well baked. This proposal is for a simple add- on service.

A helicopter shaped like a stork delivers the baby to its new mother.

Voice, Apr 18 2014

Or a balloon https://s-media-cac...87c6fe57ab4bfb1.jpg
or a drone, or a jet stabilized rocket, or a hullaballoon. But it must be stork shaped. [Voice, Apr 18 2014, last modified Sep 15 2015]

Look Out for Mr. Stork https://www.youtube...watch?v=dODSHuvuoTM
[Voice, Feb 01 2019]

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       How about a very fat skilled ballerina with rosy cheeks, dressed in a stork suit?   

       She could say, "Kraaaaak", to the householder as the portal of the abode was pivoted upon its hinges to reveal the knocker.
skoomphemph, Apr 18 2014

       How ya think 21 got his? Pizza delivery man? Duh?
blissmiss, Apr 19 2014

       I had assumed Li'l Kwest was shipped to Spokane in a perforated crate marked: 'Warning! Live Female Ordnance!'
Alterother, Apr 19 2014

       Just have Santa Claus deliver them all. Then everyone will have the same birthday ^ Dec 25.
popbottle, Apr 19 2014


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