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Back Seat Airbag

Ideal for back seat drivers
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Or other passengers. Simply install these in the backs of the front seats, and of course allow for disablement for child seats.
theircompetitor, Nov 12 2004

Patrolman Pat on airbags http://www.hoot-uk....n_pat/03022003.html
"Renault is leading the way with the launch of a rear seat airbag in the new Scenic later this year." [angel, Nov 12 2004]

National Criminal Justice Reference Service http://www.ncjrs.or...tfiles/awards94.txt
Search the page for 94-IJ-R-007 [angel, Nov 12 2004]


       One word - Audi.
Another word - Renault (linky)
angel, Nov 12 2004

       are they using a belt buckle airbag as has been proposed for airplanes?
theircompetitor, Nov 12 2004

       I saw the words "back seat drivers" and I thought of a small bag which deploys to shut the old nag up. which I personally think is a fabulous plan. so I'm voting for my first impression +
dentworth, Nov 12 2004

       [UB]: Yes, on the E55 at least. Also available on SAAB.
Also, check (linky).
angel, Nov 12 2004


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