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Backpack tent sleeping bag/roll-mat

Integrated hiking kit
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Friday evening. Find backpack. Empty out smelly clothes from last time. And swollen ancient food packet. And burst coffee sachets, soggy matches, plastic bags, empty fuel bottle, plastic teaspoon and a used plaster.

Find sleeping bag. Shake out vigorously. Turn inside out to check for spiders. Spend 20 mins trying to stuff it back into it’s cover.

Find Tent. Assume that it still has all relevant parts in the bag. Then find “peg bag” and one pole, not in the bag. Worry about what that means, but can’t quite summon the effort to get the whole thing out and shake it out.

Find roll-mat.

Try and fit all the above into/onto backpack. Sleeping-bag entirely fills main cavity. Tent can only fit on the outside, same with sleeping mat. Bugger.

No space to get food, stove, or clothes in.

Know that this is packing at home, in the warm-and-dry, and that doing the same after hiking is going to be ten- times sh**er.

Vow to design something better.

A backpack/sleeping-bag - tent(bivvi-bag)/sleeping mat (cos I’m old) combination. With a poncho too.

Most of these things use the same materials to deliver (at least) an overlapping set of functions. Waterproof, wind proof, thermal insulation, and carry-able.

I’m not an extreme minimal, low-weight (titanium spoons) kind of hiker. But it annoys me to carry extra kilos of poorly-packed fabric.

So, I’m hoping to design a lightweight tent/backpack with a compression-roll for a sleeping-bag/mat thing, and a waterproof poncho to cover me as I walk.

Frankx, Sep 30 2019


       Surely, after a long day's hiking, it's simpler to just put on a nice warm hotel?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2019

       Sleeping-bag with a built-in sleeping pad is a thing, but combining it with a tent/poncho & straps to make it wearable is a great idea.
Points to ponder: remember you have to get in & out of it in "sleeping mode"; you need somewhere for the rest of your stuff (which is probably still attached to the rest in some manner when in "sleeping mode"); you don't want the dirty or wet parts against your body while hiking, so the way it rolls up will be very important. Hmm, I reckon more "concertina" than "roll" would work best.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 30 2019

       // concertina //   

       ... so if you set it up wrong, you have to face the music ?   

       Just as long as there are no accordions involved.
8th of 7, Sep 30 2019


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