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Camping Rain

To increase your caravaning pleasure
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When I was little one of the things I enjoyed most about being in a caravan was the sound made by rain on the roof first thing in the morning. Even better if it stopped during breakfast so you could go and play with your friends in the woods.

So how about a simple water sprinkler mounted on one corner of the roof, triggered by a timer to set off gentle rain when it is time to get up, and slowly reducing the shower so when you go out it is a lovely bright day outside.

It would also wash off the bird poo.

Belfry, Dec 20 2004


       It's a pleasant sound because water is precious, and brings life, and you have nature gently giving all of us a bit of it. I think the effect would be ruined & reversed if you knew you were wasting water to do this.
sophocles, Dec 20 2004

       Leave a ladder leading to the roof for early-rising, full-bladdered, fellow campers.
FarmerJohn, Dec 20 2004

       [FJ] OK. That would be much more pleasant (at least for the rainmakers), and would be environmentally benign.   

       It's been said that humans are just an invention by water as a way to get around. Does water have its own halfbakery to come up with odd inventions such as humans?
sophocles, Dec 20 2004

       [soph] you could put a gutter round the bottom of the caravan to catch the water for reuse. I wouldn't want anyone peeing on my caravan.
Belfry, Dec 20 2004


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