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Extreme Climate thermal rebreather

Retain lung warmth/coolth
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This is for people who go camping in (or live in) extremely cold climates or cold weather [edit], or extremely hot climates or hot weather (air temp above body temp).

It consists of a mouthpiece, and a regenerative heat exchanger (RHE). When you breath out, the warmth of your breath warms up the inside of the RHE. When you breath in, the cold fresh air is warmed by the heat that was previously absorbed by the RHE. [edit] Or in really hot climates, when you breath out, the coolness of your breath cools the RHE, and when you breath in, the fresh hot air is cooled by the RHE.

To reduce dehydration due to moisture lost by breathing, the inside of the device could have a hydroscopic coating.

goldbb, Apr 21 2009

Regenerative Heat Exchanger http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regenerator
[goldbb, Apr 21 2009]

Humidity transfer with dessicant/hydroscopic coating http://en.wikipedia...ecovery_ventilation
[goldbb, Apr 21 2009]

(?) PolarWrap Exchanger Mask http://www.allenslaw.com/polarwrap.html
"Inside every Exchanger Mask is a patented Heat Exchange Module. As the user exhales, the air leaving the mouth is directed from the mouth-port through the chambers of the Heat Exchange Module, which stores the heat and water vapor from the exhaled breath. When the user inhales, the cold environmental air travels through the chambers of the Heat Exchange Module, picking up heat and water vapor. When the air enters the mouth it is warm." [jutta, Apr 21 2009]

Perforating caribou: http://uncyclopedia...ia.com/wiki/Caribou
"Caribou are dangerous. That's the only thing you need to know about them" [normzone, Apr 22 2009]

Halfbakery: Heated Air Mask Heated_20Air_20Runner_27s_20Mask
a dusty old corner [Laughs Last, Apr 22 2009]

MEC Whiteout Bandana https://www.mec.ca/...33/Whiteout-Bandana
Mentioned in my anno. Pretty much what I have, but mine is red and I think the logo is on the back of one of the hook-and-loop strips instead of on the corner without one. [notexactly, May 02 2019]


       The first two links are posted by the author, and refer to technologies outside the context of face masks. They very clearly do *not* implement the invention.   

       The third link is from me, and points to a partial implementation - it doesn't have the hydroscopic coating, but it's pretty close. Don't be so down on someone just for not scouring every last corner of the Internet, okay?
jutta, Apr 21 2009

       The link by [jutta] bakes it pretty much. The water retrieval seems even better than in the idea (where, seemingly, the user would somehow have to wrest the water from the hygroscopic material again).
loonquawl, Apr 22 2009

       Baked it may be. Widely known to exist, it is not.I have recently recieved an e-mail from some-one who has visited these climes. Dehydration and Hypothermia were high on the list of dangers, purely from breathing. There was some annecdotal evidence of a chinese man (obviously hailing from a geographically siberian climate) that was desensitised to these pressures (cold and anhydrous). Having said that he probably had a haemaglobin count sufficient for three individuals and a buccal/nasal cavity of nappa leather.   

       It may be worth noting that the Inuit, Saami, and other cold climate inhabitants, besides solving this biologically over millenia, do use perforated caribou scarves around the lower face in times of "unpleasant" weather.
4whom, Apr 22 2009

       So do you have to be on the lookout for perforated caribou, and then nick their scarves?. Or just regular caribou, nick their scarves and then stick holes in them?.
gnomethang, Apr 22 2009

       I think you may have to find two perforated caribou. A huge improvement.
4whom, Apr 22 2009

       I understand that there's a similar tool to address the low humidity in pressurized air used for SCUBA. Some sort of plate that collects the moisture from your breath and reintroduces it into your next breath.
normzone, Apr 22 2009

       Thanks jutta, both for the defense and the link.   

       21_Quest, just because technologies exist which *could be* used to bake an idea, it's not the same thing as that idea *being* baked.   

       For an idea to be baked, someone would have to have at least built a prototype.   

       And even then, if the prototype was built by a halfbaker, we can still consider the idea halfbaked -- otherwise, someone would have to say, "sorry bungston, but since you actually built your home solar charcoal distiller, you idea is baked and you can't post it to the halfbakery"
goldbb, Apr 27 2009

       I remember these for sale. It was a large perforated plastic brestplate with a hose that hooked to the mouth. I can't remember if it included the humiidity catching bit, but that and really all of this is baked by Herbert's Still Suits which should be considered common knowledge now that the movie came out. (-)
MisterQED, May 01 2009

       Sigh - I just checked, and the word "baked" is not in the help file. I'll grant you that somebody else has done some prior imaginings. Am I the only one here that feels that "baked" means you can actually touch and feel the finished product? I don't believe there are any working stillsuits.
normzone, May 01 2009

       I have a PET fleece bandana [link] that does this, without any special module. Just the fleece is enough to warm the air I inhale, though I don't know how efficiently. I do know I prefer to breathe cool air when exercising or congested, though.
notexactly, May 02 2019


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