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Bacterial Tattoos

Wear your adolescent angst as a disease...
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Bacteria that are engineered to infect epidermal cells and manufacture brightly colored pigments. They work like anthrax or botulism, but instead of deadly toxins, they leave behind color proteins found in chameleons or fish. When you are happy with the color and pattern, you take a mega dose of Anti-Tatootics to kill the bacteria. It would most likely cause permanent damage in the long term, but that would just increase its appeal in its target market, the disaffected, self-destructive young...
dbsousa, Feb 03 2003


       is this an alternative to or in conjunction with acne?
po, Feb 03 2003

       The acne could make some interesting topographical relief for the tattoo.
snarfyguy, Feb 03 2003

       why must tatoos look so cool and yet be with you until you're old and they don't look cool anymore?
kaz, Feb 03 2003

       I guess it's a committment thing. I don't get it.
snarfyguy, Feb 03 2003

       add a few scars and we have a load of Pollock's
po, Feb 03 2003

       Why not use UV sensitive ink. Given a strong enough exposure to UV the ink fades naturaly. Allow the tat to last say 2-3 years under normal sunlight should do OK.
witless, Feb 03 2003

       I've been expecting someone to mfd this based on "GM magic". Is there some reason not to?
krelnik, Feb 03 2003

       Fear itself.
snarfyguy, Feb 03 2003

       Yes [krelnik] it's actually moderately plausible. Dumb certainly, but it could probably be done.
madradish, Feb 04 2003

       I rock a fishbone tattoo. [-]
disbomber, Apr 06 2005

       This is a friggin goldmine idea! Think about it. It involves 1)living bugs/bacteria, 2)body art, 3) potential long-term side effects, and 4) taking pills. All of these ideas separately are great for wrestling money from teenagers, but combine them into one product? Dynamite! Moneymaker in any generation, I say! Croissant!
natewill, Apr 07 2005

       So I can get MOM written in boils across my shoulder? (in a cute little blackhead heart)
benfrost, Apr 08 2005


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