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Beneath-Nail Tattoo

You read that right.
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Tattoos located beneath fingernails (and beneath toe nails) are very rare (see link) but can be done. This Idea is about a different way to do it, than the way described in the link.

First, think of how an old-fashioned dot-matrix printer works. See second link if you need help with that. Now consider the fact that your nails grow slowly but continuously.

So, at the tattoo parlor, the first thing you need to do is put the finger or toe in a drill press. A very tiny drill will be used to drill a very small hole through the nail, but no further. We want a nice straight actual row of closely-spaced small holes, perpendicular to the growth-direction of the nail.
. -->growth direction
(dots represent holes, but they would be more closely spaced than you see here)

Depending on the desired tattoo, the artist can now select some of the holes in the nail, through which to insert the tattoo needle, and inject some ink. That's all for today; come back tomorrow.

The next day, since the nail will have grown a bit, the holes in the nail are no longer directly above the spots that were inked the previous day. The artist can select some holes and insert the needle and inject more ink. That's all for today; come back tomorrow.

Eventually the growth of the nail will move the row of holes all the way to the fingertip (or toe-tip), at which point the tattoo artist is done (if not sooner).

Enjoy showing off something that wasn't quite as agonizing as it might have been!

Vernon, Jun 12 2016

Question about tattoos under fingernails https://answers.yah...080821193406AAeQY0y
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Jun 12 2016]

Dot matrix printer technology http://cs30sy2009.b...matrix-printer.html
Two rows of offset holes through the nail would allow creating of a less-spotty image by the artist.... [Vernon, Jun 12 2016]

Dot Matrix Nail Tattoos Dot_20Matrix_20Nail_20Tattoos
[shudderprose, Jun 13 2016]


       I wonder if one could also do this with one of those horizontal needles. If they exist. Like those oil well drills that go sideways.
bungston, Jun 12 2016


       Which method is most likely to become inflamed or infected ?
popbottle, Jun 13 2016

       [popbottle], do you somehow think the finger or toe wouldn't be bandaged while susceptible to such things?
Vernon, Jun 13 2016

       I thought this was brilliant. Linked.
shudderprose, Jun 13 2016


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