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Blaschko's Tattoos

Show us your (actual) stripes
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Premium tattoo service performed under UV light to trace, with permanent ink, your unique, though otherwise invisible, Blaschko lines (see first <link>).

You're not a zebra, you're a human being. (With stripes.)

theleopard, Sep 27 2011

Blashko's Lines http://en.wikipedia...ki/Blaschko's_lines
Generic wiki page [theleopard, Sep 27 2011]

could be maybe sort of like this http://cdnimg.visua...870090ea6812f_m.jpg
[xandram, Sep 27 2011]

I tell you, it's an idea before it's time Vanity_20in_20Vein
[normzone, Sep 27 2011]

Me http://www.hamovhotov.com/surprise/?p=336
[theleopard, Sep 29 2011]


       [+] very cool!
xandram, Sep 27 2011

       On the Internet, nobody knows you're a zebra.
swimswim, Sep 27 2011

       //or spots //   

       Yes, forgot the moniker when I wrote "You're not a zebra, you're a human being." - theleopard
theleopard, Sep 27 2011

       Well I'll be dipped.   

       Food chain.
skinflaps, Sep 28 2011

       I've voted against. I'm not a big fan of tattoos but if you can come up with some natural method of displaying the lines (other than walking around under a UV light all the time), then I shall certainly change my vote in a bunwards direction.
DrBob, Sep 30 2011

       Can't really help you Doc, if you don't like tats, you don't like tats. Can't think of another way to do this, as the lines don't seem to be reactive to anything else.   

       Unless, you purposefully gave yourself an itchy, debilitating full-body skin disease. That would show it up...
theleopard, Oct 05 2011

       You seem to be rashly assuming that [DrBob] doesn't already have an itchy, debilitating full-body skin disease
hippo, Oct 05 2011

       //You seem to be rashly assuming//   

       Hmm, perhaps you're right. Ok then, scratch that.
theleopard, Oct 05 2011

       hippo, well hippo, that was just disgusting what you said about the good Dr. (Urgh, vomit, Urgh, vomit.)
blissmiss, Oct 05 2011


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