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colourful gastropods

to crawl on[perhaps goths or something] randomly
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feed them something to change the colour of their slime,put dye in it or something,and a sharp radula,use these for linesand lampreys for dots/circles
technobadger, Jun 28 2001


       I, uh, don't want to be tatooed by a lamprey. A leech might be less scary. There are some carnivorous snails that might be persuaded to give human skin a poke with their radula, but I don't know that I would let them do it to me.
Dog Ed, Jun 29 2001

       This invention has the power to take machismo to strange new places.   

       (Two haggard, grimacing bikers glare at one another across a table. Each sports a slightly ragged six-inch line of day-glo magenta across his chest with a snail resting placidly at its end. A bell sounds. A woman in tiny cutoffs walks across the platform holding a sign which reads "Day Nine".)
Monkfish, Jun 29 2001


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