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billboard that matures in the sun
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Badboard is printed using two different types of ink. Over time, strong sunshine bleaches out certain letters and parts of letters to reveal a more strident message.

It's best to view the illustration which should work as a looped gif showing "before" and "after."

xenzag, Feb 01 2024

Badboard gif https://www.tumblr....nd-you?source=share
[xenzag, Feb 01 2024]

Tippi Hedren Birds_20Who_20Love_20Noire
[xenzag, Feb 01 2024]

Let Me Have Termites About me The_20Termites_20Wh...erate_20Shakespeare
[xenzag, Feb 04 2024]


       [+] Could also be done with heat sensitive ink on a mug etc. Curious that hasn't been done before.
pocmloc, Feb 01 2024

       I have posted (and made) several pieces that display messages which alter over time based attrition or accumulation.
xenzag, Feb 01 2024

       //Could also be done with heat sensitive ink on a mug etc. Curious that hasn't been done before.//   

       That's been done to death. I had just such a mug, it advertised a DNA polymerase or something. When you put hot water in it, the image changed in some way to show how much better their product was; I don't remember the details.
Loris, Feb 01 2024

       At present, interesting unintended consequences occur from uneven fading/wear in modern building materials interacting with climate disruption. This idea is 'tended' consequences, like planting a tree whose fruit you will never taste.   

       I'd invest in a company making construction materials that fade out to reveal community-building public service messages like 'Be Kind To Each Other', or 'If You Are Reading This, Thank Your Teacher'.   

       Slow-motion thought disruption [+]
Sgt Teacup, Feb 01 2024

       Very very clever. [+]
doctorremulac3, Feb 01 2024

       There's no need to keep it so similar. In your example the yellow paint over the horizontal lines in "fuck" have faded, no? Then the whole message and picture can chance arbitrarily.
Voice, Feb 01 2024

       Pre-treat areas (could be text, could be image) so that they decompose quickly and make voids in the material. As it weathers and ages the ‘underlying’ image appears.
minoradjustments, Feb 01 2024

       I’ve posted several ideas re the process of gradual image production/eradication - see link to one of them. It's something I'm interest in and have made other work about.
xenzag, Feb 01 2024

       Termites are the perfect sculptors for slow production and unknowable results. Baited areas or softer/harder material reveal the ‘easter egg.’ They got into a balsa box and left high-contrast furrows. I like the edible resist for the bird/Hendron project.
minoradjustments, Feb 03 2024

       If you angle the board and keep the perches horizontal you could make the image in bird shit.
minoradjustments, Feb 04 2024

       //Termites are the perfect sculptors// see link....
xenzag, Feb 04 2024


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