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Broadband Booths

Repurpose old telephone booths/boxes
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Instead of taking out phone booths (there's a line of old telephone boxes lying on their sides in Kingston, Surrey), repurpose them: turn them into broadband booths where you can plug in a laptop or PDA and collect email, make a VOIP call, or do a quick Web lookup and pay with a credit or smart card. wg
wendyg, Nov 24 2005

that row of old phone boxes is a work of art - really! its a public sculpture. http://www.contempa...ndhem-Collector.htm
[po, Nov 24 2005]


       Now we have Wi-Fi, this idea is dedundant. It's much nicer to sit in a coffee shop with your laptop than to stand in a booth.
Minimal, Nov 25 2005

       Payphones seem to be mutating into internet devices so the core of your idea seems to be happening already. You can't plug in your laptop, but that doesn't sound too comfy in somthing the size of a phonebooth anyway.
st3f, Nov 25 2005

       It will be decades before Wi-fi is everywhere we could want it; but the phone booths are there now, with wires already going to them. Plus, I hate wasting things.   

wendyg, Nov 28 2005

       another look at the row of phone boxes, dear?
po, Nov 28 2005

       "plug in" ?! What Minimal said - keep the phone booths, but give them Wifi.   

       P.S. Welcome to the Halfbakery!
P.P.S. You don't really need to add the "wg" every time you say something - everything's tagged with your account name already.
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005


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