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Yes! A Cone shaped Bagel!
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This lovely thing has good taste, suppleness and is somewhat waterproof.

It can hold curry, soups, stir fry, hamburger, chili, whatever you like!

Delicious, easy to eat and non messy packaging. Better than a burrito!

I'm interested to do a distributorship. Anyone with biz-fu strong enough to make something?

subflower, Aug 04 2005


       You're a good salesman! [+]
wagster, Aug 04 2005

       Curried bagel?   

       You'd have to be a good salesman to sell me one.Then again after a skinful on a night out and when my flaps start to wobble I might be tempted.
skinflaps, Aug 05 2005

       But then we would need to invent cone shaped cream cheese.   

       Out of interest, what is with the "TM"'s?
hidden truths, Aug 06 2005

       I'm sold! Get me a dozen!
Sudok, Aug 06 2005

       I'll have what they're having.
reensure, Aug 06 2005

       Next up in the Subflower™ line: Bagel Cone Toaster.
Worldgineer, Aug 09 2005

       I'm sure it's possible to get the (TM) in neat little superscript just like they do in real life. Anyone know how?
moomintroll, Aug 09 2005

skinflaps, Aug 09 2005

       You can try all you want, but no one will ever surpass the greatness of the almighty Burrito.
ChrispyChreme, Aug 09 2005

       True, but this is for the caucasion with clumsy wrapping skillz :)   

       The fast curry shop down the street cannot put rice and soup into any kind of burrito.   

       The cup you buy will have to be landfill too. I like the potato starch foam bowls, but that's another topic.
subflower, Aug 29 2005

       So would this be, like, a tortilla that's been boiled and then baked?   

       Don't bagels break when you bend them? I would think it would be hard to wrap a large flat bagel-cone around anything without it breaking.   

       Unless you are talking about forming it around a cone shaped mold and THEN boiling and baking it. That would be okay.
junglefish, Aug 29 2005

       NOW yer baking with gas!   

       Formed, boiled, bake...eaten
subflower, Sep 21 2005

       //caucasion with clumsy wrapping skillz// kinda like Vanilla Ice?
sleeka, Sep 21 2005


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