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flavor packets for packing peanuts

turn those pesky peanuts into a tasty party snack
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Recently I have received packages with a new type of packing peanut- they're made of rice flour, and dissolve in water. I propose that companies add a flavor packet so they don't go to waste down the toilet. Good for the environment, saves water and is sure to be a hit with the kids.
Rm Brz, Jun 06 2006


       No more than chocolate M&M's teach them to go for the prescription pills in the medicine chest...
Rm Brz, Jun 06 2006

       eew! [+]
sninctown, Jun 06 2006

       If they dissolve, how about making soup, too? +   

       oops, then you wouldn't save water, but I didn't get that part anyway.
xandram, Jun 06 2006

       //so they don't go to waste down the toilet.// You're skipping a little groove here... unless your kids crap in the yard, they are eventually going down the toilet.   

       Incidentally, it used to be a common practice to ship neon sign tubes in dry popcorn as packaging. It attracts mice in warehouses, which is the big downside. I have a suspicion that flavored packing peanuts would do this too.   

       As an aside, these rice flour packing peanuts (if they are the same as the ones I'm familiar with) are NOT edible.   

       [+] packing bun anyway.
zigness, Jun 06 2006

       My proposal is to pack the peanuts plain- with the addition of a choice of a sealed flavor packet- add the flavor after the packed articles are removed. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
Rm Brz, Jun 06 2006

       No more ramen for me....shoo why have i been paying 10 cents for it all these years. One of these days when i grow older, i'm going to staples for packing peanuts...and some staples for some iron.
compatta, Jun 06 2006

       Well, Phlish, don't they already open boxes and eat the contents when you aren't there? (Think cereal in the morning) I'm not talking about responsible parenting here. My idea is to add a flavor packet to be added later- remove your purchased article, and eat the then seasoned contents which one could store in a container in the cupboard.You can choose ranch, or garlic, or cheddar when you place your order. No packet, no eat. Noone is suggesting that kids don't know that they shouldn't eat the toy in the crackerjack box! And as for the m&m's- I've seen mini ones marketed in what looks very much like a pill bottle.
Rm Brz, Jun 06 2006

       One of the hallmarks of developmental disability is the inability to distinguish between the edible and inedible. If your kids don't know the difference between washing powder and confectioner's sugar, have them tested. If they're too young to know the difference, monitor them.
P-p-polly, Jun 06 2006

       Duly noted. And thanks for your interest.
Rm Brz, Jun 07 2006


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