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Burrito Hull Breach Patches

S.O.B (Save our Burritos)
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The burrito might be the perfect food. A veritable melting pot of ingredients comes together in a miraculous flexible and edible containment hull (known as a tortilla).

Unfortunately, a burrito often succumbs to its inner demons and springs a leak. Tasting freedom, refried beans, queso, rice, salsa emerge, first tentatively, and then in a deluge. The mighty burrito has now lost one of its prime virtues: portability.

It's nothing more than a mexican stew at this point, condemned to vivisection by fork and knife.

These hull breaches must be stopped in order to save the dignity of the noble burrito.

The solution is to use Burrito Patches: a packet of miniature tortilla squares complete with a small amount of Tortilla Glue (baked here previously). When a hull breach is detected, the diner simply applies a patch to avert a tragic breakdown of structural integrity.

Enjoyer, Aug 04 2005

Tortilla Glue Baked Idea Tortilla_20Glue
[Enjoyer, Aug 04 2005]

Edible Tape Edible_20Tape
For burritos or any other flatbread-based container (crepes, pita?) [junglefish, Aug 04 2005]


       Oops, original idea was for Tortilla Glue: (Linked)
Enjoyer, Aug 04 2005

       I'm not so sure about tortilla glue. Perhaps something with some mechanical bite.
normzone, Aug 04 2005

       Following the Tortilla Glue link, I found this link: Edible Tape, for just the purpose you mention. Not as fun as a patch kit, but more convenient maybe?   

       Bun for you, now I want to see these on store shelves the first of next week, please.
junglefish, Aug 04 2005

       I tend to eat my wounded burritos as if I am Gian Maria Volonté, about to face Lee Van Cleef.
moPuddin, Aug 04 2005

       Bite a little hole at one end and suck the burrito dry. Yes, it looks obscene, but it tastes better than it looks.
elhigh, Aug 05 2005

       That, elhigh, is a meat bagbong.
calum, Aug 05 2005

       "Duuuu-u-ude...don't bogart that tasty bong-a-ritooo..."
moPuddin, Aug 05 2005

elhigh, Aug 08 2005

       finally - an idea everyone can use.
benfrost, Aug 09 2005


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