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Edible Russian Dolls

Each layer is a new course
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A set of russian dolls, each edible, and each opening to reveal another course.

This idea could create a new artform in creating delicate layers which would taste good and be mouldable or plyable into a hollow doll shape.

For example:

Outer doll: paper thin crispy asparagus and taragon crepes. Opening to reveal....

Second Doll: Wicker woven chive and rocket salad. Beyond which...

Middle doll: Pressed game brushed in redberry jus and roasted into shape. Followed by...

Cheeseboard doll: hollow doll-shaped cracker baked with your choice of cheese. Rounded off with...

The centre: An after-dinner-mint chocolate doll filled with a relaxing [liqueur].

Fishrat, Jun 04 2012


       Beautiful. +
blissmiss, Jun 04 2012

       Why did you not have this idea sooner? [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2012

       Do you have a delivery service? [+]
xandram, Jun 04 2012

       Heston Blumenthal called. He wants your number.
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       The one negative is that I couldn't bring myself to eat this.
Phrontistery, Jun 05 2012

       C'est magnifique! [+]
AusCan531, Jun 05 2012

       sp. liqueur, I think, but [+] anyway.
pertinax, Jun 05 2012

       how about just cookies? Like the right shapes, but made from cookie dough
EdwinBakery, Jun 05 2012

       Where's the fun in that, [eddie]?
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012


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