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Baker's Gym of Hunger

You work up a sweat.... then you eat
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All that gym talk - how could I resist?

The Baker's Gym of Hunger is a new exercise program, with new equipment - like Boxercise, Jazzercise, but with a few differences.

Not only do you get a good work-out at the Gym of Hunger, you also learn how to bake, AND you get a cake to take home as your reward. This is because at this gym you make cakes AS your workout.

Every item you need to use is therefore either extra heavy, or attached to the wall, floor or ceiling by an adjustable spring.

Add a pinch of salt? - go ahead, the lid on the salt cellar needs a torque wrench to get it off, and then you've got to lift it unto the work bench, after running around the room ten times holding it at arm's length, with the instructor roaring at you like a drill sergeant.

Need a spoon to measure the flour? - you'll find it attached to the end of a 20 kg barbell.

Once the cakes are in the oven, and the room really begins to heat up, you may need a wee drink - you'll find the water at the top of that rope which goes all the way to the ceiling a la Mutiny on the Bounty style.

xenzag, Jan 26 2007


       the reason I said torque wrench was because the lids would be preset to increasing loads and labelled accordingly.... so the wrench would work the opposite way round - an un- torque wrench ! (wriggles free from 21's accurate pedantry)
xenzag, Jan 26 2007

       Like I don't have enough trouble getting it together to bake anyway.
nomocrow, Jan 28 2007

       21Q unless you can post link evidence for you objection I'm calling it baseless trolling. My cheapest torque wrench (fulcrum, click) is reversible and clicks in both directions, I've never calibrated it for reverse thread but it has never broken or lost accuracy when used to both loosen and tighten. Not nice.
WcW, Oct 31 2009

       Baseless trolling? I don't think so. What I'd like is for those who keep adding anonymous bones to outline their reasons. I know who one of the recent ones is, and I think they know that I know.   

       To answer UB's question - of course, but that's one of the reasons why you keep coming back.
xenzag, Oct 31 2009


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