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Smokeless Smoke Break

Mandatory deep breathing excersizes for 10 minutes every two hours during the work day.
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What I miss about smoking the most is that it gave me an excuse to do deep breathing meditation and stare into space for 10 minutes every two hours or so. I was so calm when I was a smoker, and that's when I got all my best thinking done. Now that I'm all healthy I'm a total mess. If I was required to take a deep breathing break every two hours I'm sure I would be a lot better off.
JesusHChrist, Jun 01 2005

Virtual Smoke Break http://www.lottridg...KEBREAK/default.htm
Cause I don't smoke them, and I ain't going with the smokers just to get a break. [reensure, Jun 01 2005]


       so do it.
goatfaceKilla, Jun 01 2005

       I've always thought it strange that smokers are given time off to indulge their addiction. There are only two fair approaches in my opinion:
1) Give everybody a 10 minute break every 2 hours to enjoy the legal relaxant of their choice.
2) No breaks for anyone.

Me, I'm off for a beer break...
DocBrown, Jun 01 2005

       I' m Jusht bacck fro' my beer break -I shaved 'em up for a coupla' weeks just sho I could have a good long one. You're my besht mate, you are.
coprocephalous, Jun 01 2005

       Do you remember those confectionary gigarettes you could buy, back when smoking was just deadly and not socially stigmatising? Maybe they could come back on the market, aimed at non-smoking office workers. Armed with a packet of chocolate cigarettes (or whatever the heck they were), non-smokers could then cheerfully march outside for a ten-minute break.
moomintroll, Aug 21 2007

       i remember two fake ciggies products; one was thin sticks of packed sugar with one end dipped in red ink and the other was a candy tube with a small payload of powdered sugar in the end, good for one or two puffs, then you eat the thing.
k_sra, Aug 21 2007


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