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gym equipment

a smart card that keeps track of your workout
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I don't hang out at high tech gym's, so this might already by an idea. It would be great to have a smart card that you could bring with you from machine to machine in the gym that would record your workout. For example if you ran 5 miles on the treadmill, rode 10 miles on the exercise bike, and did 3 sets of 10 lifts on the bench press, your card could record all that data. The data then could be left at the gym or your house(via the web). You could track your workout progress for cardio, muscle building, or any other reason.

This would require all the machines to have an adapter that could attach to them and monitor the amount of weight/resistance being used, as well as the reps/duration of use on the machine. For swimming or running, someting could be attached to a headband that could trigger everytime you pass a start point.

elvis314, Apr 25 2002


       do you really not hang out at gyms Elvis? are you sure?
notripe, Apr 25 2002

       set it up with a proximity reader, like a card access. having an off day? quietly attach your card to some overachiever and let them build up your statistics. my idea of a gym is going outside, but I can still see the market for this.   

       additional: build a gym that is pay per use per machine, not only record your stats but pay based on how much you use a given machine.
rbl, Apr 25 2002

       One thing you'll have to overcome, both with the 'pay per use' idea and this one: the I'm not exactly wearing my wallet right now' syndrome.
RayfordSteele, May 01 2002

       This sounds like a good idea to me, it could be coupled with a heart rate monitor so you could track increases in your physical ability to cope with the tasks as each one was being performed.
It could also lock the Gym doors until you had completed your workout.....
IvanIdea, May 01 2002


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