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Baker's Half-Dozen 2012-05-18

Superposition of money and mouth
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Since no-one else has leapt at the opportunity to create a rod for their own back by volunteering to produce a weekly roundup, I guess I now have to try and bring it myself (gulp!) To give me a faint chance of success, my week goes Sat-Fri so I have the weekend to get it done. Guest contributors welcome!!

In Brief

This week sees the HalfBakery in a productive and benevolent mood with 70 ideas submitted and relatively few fishbones on offer. The success of poetry and playful twisting of the familiar indicates that flights of fancy are in the ascendancy, while rants, overextended jokes and derivative-sounding concepts were in the firing line. Military history and puns drew the most annotation activity, supported by vigorously exasperated commentary on the youth of today.

Most Popular:

Bubbawocky +11 (8th of 7) Electric Gorilla +10 (skinflaps) Giant Spitfire +10 (8th of 7) Deathday Cake +10 (UnaBubba) Floating hitchhiker +9 (erenjay)

Least popular:

Internet campaign to get Brian Sewell's Wikipedia article deleted as 'not notable' -7 (Loris) Large Hairy Butt Collider -2 (UnaBubba) iPedal -1 (UnaBubba) Rudimentary Time Machine -1 (doctorremulac3) TSFY Website -1 (not only but also)

Most polarising:

The 8th Earl of Severn +8/-5 (UnaBubba) Deathday Cake +14/-4 (UnaBubba) Rudimentary Time Machine +2/-3 (doctorremulac3) Greece De Fault Zones +2/-2 (UnaBubba) Triple-Encrypted CCTV +2/-2 (idris83)

Most annotations:

Giant Spitfire 69 (8th of 7) Large Halibut Collider 58 (not morrison rm) Deathday cake 45 (UnaBubba) Pizza, and Pie 37 (christjan08) Load the Internet With Bad Bomb Plans 37 (doctorremulac3) Internet campaign to get Brian Sewell's Wikipedia article deleted as 'not notable' 32 (Loris) Logish 31 (Inyuki)

(There has to be an automated way of compiling these numbers <wipesweat>. This is a tough category for ideas posted on a Fri)

User stats

Most ideas: UnaBubba, 11 Highest average score: skinflaps, 8.5 Highest total score: UnaBubba, 32 Lowest total score: Loris, -4 Lowest average score: Loris, -2

My favourite annotations:

OK. Now, I want you to imagine your "dream girl", popping out of a Deathday Cake. — UnaBubba, May 14 2012

It'd be a little late though, wouldn't it? — RayfordSteele, May 15 2012

Cleverest/most excruciating puns:

Looking for The Cod Particle, I presume. — UnaBubba, May 14 2012

What started out as an innocent idea has caused some kind of fish pun reaction that is headed for smelt- down. — bigsleep, May 16 2012

Genuine learning (and unfortunate TMI):

Little known fact - The average human emits 14 farts per day, on average. — sqeaketh the wheel, May 16 2012

Then I must be significantly above average. — Alterother, May 16 2012

"Speechless" award, sponsored by blissmiss:

Pinworm Containment Mechanism (oscil8) (Hey I had to get myself in there somehow)

Let's see if I'm still up to it next week!

oscil8, May 19 2012


       To paraphrase myself, I never heard of pinworms etc etc. I think this was the worst of it: 'Eggs on the fingers then get spread around the next day as the carrier goes about their business'. There must be some disgusting people around and now I wonder if I've ever met them, which is not a thought to relish either. I suggest containing pinworms in a sea of mucus carefully aligned to a reversed pair of Bundy pants, closely followed by an introduction to flammable glue. I do not suggest any utilisation of cuddle mattresses or large hairy butt colliders.
Phrontistery, May 19 2012

       Bravo! Encore!
8th of 7, May 19 2012

       Interesting. I like the idea of a 'digest' of the Halfbakery but I'm not sure about having it mixed up with the other ideas and I wouldn't like it to be something which made people chase statistics, like the most ideas posted in a week or the greatest number of fishbones. Even something as simple as 'Top annotation of the week' has potential to distort the way people annotate.
hippo, May 19 2012

       Well executed!   

       Shouldn't be too difficult to keep up. Just use your original template and copy paste as necessary.
rcarty, May 19 2012

       If you find it too hard work, you can always half-skim the week's offerings and make up some vaguely plausible statistics. If anyone corrects you, they have just nominated themselves to take over your role...
pocmloc, May 19 2012

       [poc], shirley you've heard the story of Mooseturd Pie?   

       [Phront], already thinking like a Halfbaker. Impressive. You clearly belong here among the mad scientists and lunatics.   

       [oscil8], love the roundup! [+]
Alterother, May 19 2012

       Makes for an interesting and entertaining read. Thanks oscil8.
blissmiss, May 19 2012

       It works,you know.
skinflaps, May 19 2012

       Congratulations [Phrontistery], you have been selected for roundup annotation of the week. Your TRB is in the post!   

       [hippo] I hear you and I'll pull the plug if the bones align (no, not THAT plug).
oscil8, May 20 2012


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