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Choose idea displacement

Pick which of the recent 3 that your new idea would displace.
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I have sometimes put new ideas up which displace another idea which I quite enjoyed and still had leeway for annotation. Rather than this we should be able to pick the idea to displace therefore dispensing with naff ideas (say, ideas involving pants!) whilst those with more public acclaim could stay visible longer.
dare99, Mar 20 2002


       the recent 3 = the overview ; but to your left is another recent option (the one I use) which is just a list of the most recently annotated ideas, hence the most popular at the moment. What am I wittering on about - anyway try it for size dare99
po, Mar 20 2002

       Sorry, typing with my forhead today. Changing spelling now.
dare99, Mar 20 2002

bristolz, Mar 20 2002

       better than dear old scuttled though. perhaps there should be a competition for rotten spelling.
po, Mar 20 2002

       Bet I'll win
dare99, Mar 20 2002

       my money is on scuttled - he speaks a whole new language
po, Mar 20 2002

       Now that you mention it, po, that enlightens me. Here I've spent all this effort trying to learn German and French and Italian, etc., and it turns out they're all just poor spellers.
beauxeault, Mar 21 2002

       hummm i think that not only are german writers very good spellers (unlike me), they feel compelled to show off about it by having 30+ char words all over the damn place. You get a vascular workout just speaking the damn language.
mymus, Mar 21 2002

       German should only be spoken by stunt linguists...
StarChaser, Mar 21 2002

       I think you'd find that German (and other non-English) speakers think about the same of English. Maybe moreso.
bristolz, Mar 21 2002

       [marked–for–deletion] [dare99] didn't know about views.
neilp, Dec 17 2004

       That may well be correct, but this can still stand on its own as a suggestion for a group censorship mechanism.
jutta, Jan 07 2005

       And another thing about Germans - they're always mispelling their homeland. As bad as the Japanese.
Detly, Jan 07 2005


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