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Baker's Half-Dozen 2012-06-01

Do ya feel informed, punk? Well, do ya?
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You slavedrivers! With 80 ideas posted, it's been a busy week. 266 buns were profferred, with a minority of ideas collecting any of the 49 bones that were handed out. There was no thematic rhyme or reason to the success stories, but you could expect to see ideas that were mean or crazed (in a somehow bad way) at the other end of the spectrum. Deadly force was able to reverse last week's misfortunes, but was met by a resounding barrage from no less than seven stapler-based ideas.

Most popular:

Safe brake lights 12 (jonthegeologist) "Now Benzene Free!" stickers 11 (hippo) a stapler that squeals when you pick it up and its empty 11 (po) Negative Cardinality 11 (Inyuki) Permafrosties 9 (bigsleep) A stapler that makes you squeal if you use it when it is empty 8 (AusCan531)

Least popular:

Dingaling Quotient -4 (UnaBubba) anti addiction supply dogs -2 (vfrackis) Treacle -1 (smendler) Key Logger Defence -1 (senatorjam) HB-CO connector -1 (oscil8) Fountain of Youth at Dubai -1 (beanangel) Cartoon Training for Jailers -1 (21 Quest)

Most polarising:

"Project Orion" Car Propulsion System +3/-3 (UnaBubba) Cartoon Training for Jailers +3/-4 (21 Quest) Class Gas +4/-3 (21 Quest) Post Apocalyptic Cereal +5/-3 (sartep) Fountain of Youth at Dubai +2/-3 (beanangel) Hi-vis Cartridge Case +2/-2 (ytk) Wi-Fi To-Do List +2/-2 (21 Quest)

Late developers from last week:

3D Study Maze 13 (Inyuki) Premium, Premium Gas 8 (kevinthenerd) Skyscraper Darts 7 (UnaBubba)

Most annotations:

Semi-Manual Pistol 40 (ytk) Hi-vis Cartridge Case 34 (ytk) Hundreds of telepathic froghoppers in space 31 (nineteenthly) a stapler that squeals when you pick it up and its empty 29 (po) Safe Brake Lights 26 (jonthegeologist) Godly Golf Course 24 (vernon)

User stats

Most ideas: UnaBubba 10 Highest average score: Wrongfellow 7 Highest total score: xenzag 23 Lowest total score: vfrackis -2 Lowest average score: vfrackis -2

A profitable week for pouncing on typos and spoonerisms:

//decapited a nearby garden gnome// I assume you meant *decapitated* but I'll accept any successful method of destruction of a garden gnome as a valid kill. — UnaBubba, May 28 2012

Yes, the transformation from Gnome to Gnomore is complete. — AusCan531, May 28 2012

Perhaps what is needed is the underpants version of the "lift & separate" underwired brasserie? — pocmloc, May 28 2012

I have to ask... what exactly is a 'lift & separate' underwired brasserie? — Phrontistery, May 29 2012

I have actually never been into a brasserie, though I used to live opposite one. However I presume they contain forks (for lifting) and knives (for separating) and have at least some of their electrical wiring installed in their basements or beneath the floorboards. — pocmloc, May 30 2012

The "Wake Up Screaming" award goes to:

Become some sort of Aquatic Animal (rcarty) - I hope the involuntary morning face-checking will subside in a few days

Back again next week, vote gods willing.

oscil8, Jun 02 2012

number of ideas in the last week http://www.halfbake...ek:i=:t=this_20week
[xaviergisz, Jun 07 2012]

most popular ideas in the last week http://www.halfbake...pular_20this_20week
[xaviergisz, Jun 07 2012]

Baker's Half-Dozen blog is up http://bakers-half-dozen.blogspot.com/
[oscil8, Jun 09 2012]


       Ha! - you forgot one statistic: number of annotations and links posted by me [xz] that were deleted by [ub]
xenzag, Jun 02 2012

       5, from memory.
UnaBubba, Jun 02 2012

       I thought you had blocked yourself from seeing anything I posted? [ub]
xenzag, Jun 02 2012

       Only your ideas. Are we going to get into an argument again?
UnaBubba, Jun 02 2012

       For me, a question is not an argument. Chill :-)
xenzag, Jun 02 2012

       [oscil8], you're a trooper. If you ever feel like taking a break, email me and I'll spell you for an issue or two (but I won't take over permanent-like, sorry). I love the awards section, something new and amusing every week.
Alterother, Jun 02 2012

       Thanks again, job well done as usual.
blissmiss, Jun 02 2012

       You know, you can put in single line breaks by using <b r> (minus the space). That might make this a touch easier to read.
calum, Jun 02 2012

       Also you know, I think I would be more likely to subscribe to this newsletter if it were to pick a calendar week from the archives and highlight what went on then, with the relevant ideas linked. No idea if that would be doable but it would be better, imo, than hearing the news headlines after experiencing the actual events.
calum, Jun 02 2012

       Werv eue [calum] bin?
xenzag, Jun 02 2012

       But then how are we supposed to know who's winning, [calum]?
ytk, Jun 02 2012

       I certainly have never felt any sense of competition here. I'd hate for it to turn into that. I don't think reporting which ideas collected the most buns or bones is going to foster competitive behavior. It's just the Halfbakery news.
Alterother, Jun 03 2012

       The halfbakery isn't a good format for personal editorializing or weekly posts. Can we move this to either your page, or your site, or a twitter feed or blog? Thanks!
jutta, Jun 03 2012

       Can I get it in a pdf pushed to my kindle? Thanks.
tatterdemalion, Jun 03 2012

       Better to kill it now before it dies.
rcarty, Jun 03 2012

       I wondered how long it would take before it was quashed.
UnaBubba, Jun 03 2012

       Can we get the over/under for the number of new ideas next week?
Cuit_au_Four, Jun 07 2012

       The stats side of this idea can be automated with the 'views' functionality of HB. I have created two as examples.
xaviergisz, Jun 07 2012

       Been a bit busy the past week and have just come back to euthanasia. OK I'll start a blog, but I wonder if anyone would actually bother navigating away from here to read it - I spose it's a suck it and see exercise.
oscil8, Jun 08 2012


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