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Best New Ideas

Shows recent ideas with the highest bun count and/or # of annotations.
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Pitchfork.com, the independent music news source, has a section called "Best New Music", in which the best few recent albums ("recent" meaning released in the past few weeks) are listed. This is an interesting, although arbitrary, feature.

NOW. I'm not suggesting to add a similar function to the Halfbakery. I think the Halfbakery is perfect as it is. But in a parallel universe, it wouldn't be inconceivable for the 'bakery of that universe to have a "Best New Ideas" list, accessible through a link on the sidebar. This list would compile the highest-bunned ideas of the last two or so weeks, with a numerical limit on ideas being listed at one time.

Like the mainpage, it would of course be editable; you could organize the ideas by time, number of annotations, or any combination of variables, and also set the time range and numerical limit of the listed ideas.

DrWorm, Apr 13 2010

Top 25 of last 2 weeks http://www.halfbake..._20last_202_20weeks
[Jinbish, Apr 13 2010]


       Great link - that's exactly what I was picturing, [Jinbish]!
DrWorm, Apr 13 2010

       Aw shucks, thanks. The views are quite easy to toy about with though - it's [jutta] that you should thank for having the foresight to make them editable.
Jinbish, Apr 13 2010


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