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Ballet of H and O

choreography of the base chemical reactions we all need.
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Thinking about rocket acrobatics, I was trying to imagine how small a rocket motor could be. Could it be one molecule of explosive? how would this look?.

It very well might look like a ballet. And hence the idea to choregraph photosynthesis, combustion, Fischer-Topsch process and others. Maybe bose-einstein condensation.

Each could could be made a beautiful and moving artistic representation with coloured lighting shaddow play. There could even be a thin veil of connection between dances due to proximation of use, scale or human dependency.

The main dancers would be H, O and their complex involement in the reactions and their relationship to each other

This might open ballet to a whole new market.

wjt, Sep 16 2016

Protein synthesis: an epic on the cellular level https://www.youtube...watch?v=u9dhO0iCLww
You will not regret watching this. [mitxela, Sep 17 2016]


       Probably better on ice.
wjt, Sep 17 2016

       // ice //   

       Hahahaha, we saw what you did there ...   

       It was deliberate, wasn't it ... ?
8th of 7, Sep 17 2016

       HO ballet. I think it will sell.
bungston, Sep 17 2016

       HO Box Office is quite quite popular, so I've heard.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 18 2016

       This could easily be adapted to the country or rap music genres. There's always somebody throwing a good HO down.   

       [mitxela] nice. It would have been fun to do.   

       There no good way, yet, of showing the field effect of the molecules. Co factors and Initiating factors, I imagine, have a field effect (sum of their different attributes), a gravitational shape on the enviroment so to speak.
wjt, Sep 20 2016


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