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Balloon TV Aerial

For a better signal.
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A helium balloon with a 'drawn-on' metallic reciever , replace the normal string with a ( special thin,flexible ) co-axial cable.

For better reception.

monojohnny, Aug 04 2006


       For more hassles. When and where would this be useful? Balloon and kite lifted aerials have been done for emergencies, but for most home folks, we'd be outside trying to keep the balloon out of the trees, instead of inside watching TV.   

       I normally fishbone for helium-filled anything, but this is actually a balloon. But what is a //'drawn-on' metallic reciever //? This is a lofted receiver, with a cable output, which is different from an aerial, despite the title.
baconbrain, Aug 05 2006

       There is a fellow right now on the Solar Balloon group looking for input on using solar balloons for cel phone and internet signals in third world countries.
Preliminary feedback doesn't look promising.

       I was in a third world country where an aerial cell phone antenna would have been very handy. (I didn't fishbone this, BTW.)
baconbrain, Aug 16 2006


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