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Optimize your viewing pleasure with insectoid efficiency.
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I use a TV-topper to get my channels. While watching TV and trying to get a signal today, I discovered that the best place to get a signal was up near the cieling, with the antennas (antennae?) sticking out from the wall. So I hung the thing from a nail there, using the loop antenna in the center, and my reception has been flawless all night.

While watching TV tonight, I noticed that the triangular shape of the topper box, combined with the antennae sticking out, looked exactly like a huge cockroach head, and I kept expecting the things to start sweeping back and forth slowly. It was a creepy, unsettling, and slightly fascinating effect. This was the inspiration for this idea.

A TV topper that clings to the wall and moves along the wall, insect- like, searching out the best signal, the antennae slowly sweeping around until optimal signal clarity is achieved. As the signal drifts, the Insectenna follows.

21 Quest, Sep 16 2009

naked lunch? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naked_Lunch
[po, Sep 16 2009]


       I will have mine in the shape of an ant please.
kaz, Sep 16 2009

       Time for some naked lunch?
phoenix, Sep 16 2009

       Ian, I'm referring to antennae that normally sit atop a TV, but can be moved around to achieve better signal reception. Also known as rabbit ears.
21 Quest, Sep 16 2009

       I'm not getting the naked lunch comment... phoenix, care to explain?
21 Quest, Sep 16 2009

       Wow, there are people who don't have cable still?
tatterdemalion, Sep 16 2009

       Wow, there are still people who watch TV and other media?
pocmloc, Sep 16 2009

       It's not a matter of still not having cable. It's a matter of refusing to pay for what I can get free through other channels (pun fully intended).
21 Quest, Sep 16 2009


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