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Live Disco ROM Antenna

Live Range of Motion
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Radios can be set to autoscan until the pick up the clearest reception. Why don't TV antennas do this? Now don't get me wrong, this idea is not wishful thinking or a WIBNI. Nor is it baked. Here's the idea:

A TV antenna that constantly monitors the signal quality, and if the quality deteriorates, it automatically begins the Reception Dance. The reception dance is just what it sounds like. The antennas automatically begin a disco gyration, going through their full range of motion until the clearest signal is found, then stopping in that position, until the signal quality deteriorates again, then it resumes where it left off. It can go through the full range of motion in about 10 seconds, but would rarely take that long to find the signal. The base serves as a disco laser projector that goes off when the signal is completely lost and it really has to earn its keep.

This idea differs from the remote control antenna idea in the fact that it's completely autonomous.

21 Quest, Apr 02 2009


       This idea is baked in the car radio world were national stations like Radio 1 have multiple frequencies depending on the transmitter and you car radio switches to the strongest of the same channel when you go out of range of the local one. However (in the UK at least) the same is not true of TV channels that have at least some local content. So you could be watching Look East have a freak local hailstorm and find yourself watching Look Out Up North etc.
eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 03 2009

       There is, so far as i know, no such thing right now, but i think the Sony Trinitron used to look for the strongest signal, which used to put the colours out when the ZX Spectrum was plugged into it. Yes, this is good, but i think it should also fly, so it can do that thing you do with radios, where you hold them up in the air until you get a good signal maybe three centimetres below the corner of the ceiling next to the door. To prevent strangulation, it should communicate with the TV by radio waves and there should be a similar writhing aerial on top of the set to optimise that signal. Such an arrangement would allow the attachment of a disco ball to the underside.
nineteenthly, Apr 03 2009

       Man stabbed by antenna. Wife: Don't remove him, reception never was this good.
loonquawl, Apr 03 2009


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